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Thursday, June 12, 2008

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I am currently recovering from a root canal so I am especially pissed today. The attic does not have running water so I guess that is the price I pay for never having a chance to brush my teeth. Also, he suggested I get some sunlight and mumbled something about bone atrophy, I have no idea what that means though. So back to the attic and a Dibble chat that irritated me. Actually so many of the questions and comments irritated me, so maybe I am just irritable. This chat was like a clusterfuck of morons discussing something they know nothing about, except one is an "expert." RDK49 is Dibble.

RKD49 - As far as other trades, I think the one trade, if I was a General Manager right now, and I wanted to make my club great for the next 5 years would be C.C. Sabathia.

There is a reason you are not a General Manager. I personally and I am sure anyone in the world with half a brain can agree, am confused as to how a pitcher who is a free agent after this year can make your team good for the next five years. If Sabathia leaves after this year as a free agent are they going to leave a mural up on the wall of him laughing and wearing a funny hat?Then all of his teammates can come out of the clubhouse and touch it for good luck? But just for five years, then they think it is stupid. If you really wanted to make your club great for the next five years, you would perhaps look for a pitcher that is not a free agent after this very year that is occuring right now.

Let's let this commenter drag down the IQ:

[Comment From glenn]Why would the indians trade C.C. ? He's locked up for a few years and the indians have a few good young players.

I would let this incorrect comment stand normally but Glenn is obviously one of those sports fans who really knows very little about the sport and speaks in cliches. This irritates me. I have friends who are like this in fantasy leagues and these are the type of trade comments I get wanting me to make a trade.

"Braun is top 10 player who is going to break out this year, is locked up with the Brewers at a reasonable amount and I think will challenge A Rod for being the top 3B because of his versatility."

I spit on those comments. So Glenn, no C.C. is not "locked up" for a few years.

RKD49 - Back to the D-Train question, there's nothing wrong with Dontrelle. He has trouble repeating his delivery, which has always been his problem and now he lacks the confidence and focus during game time. When you're working on stuff in the bullpen or in practice you have to leave that out of the game. When the game starts you have to be ready to play with all of your focus being on the hitter.

So according to Dibble there is nothing wrong with Dontrelle Willis...except:

1. He can't repeat his delivery and never has been able to.

2. He has no confidence.

3. He does not focus during the game.

4. He has trouble bringing his "stuff" from the bullpen to the game.

5. He is now in Single A ball.

As always, I am glad Dibble is not a doctor.

(Patient): "What's wrong with me doc?"

(Dr. Dibble): "You are absolutely fine. You can't keep your cholestrol down and as usual for you your blood pressure is through the roof. The cancer in your stomach just can't seem to respond to the medicine we are giving you, plus we don't think you are going to survive the night. When you eat food we have to get the stomach to focus on the food and not the cancer eating it up. We are also going to put you in ICU."

[Comment From Steve Mac]I heard some others saying CC could be available. But that would be limited too right? Basically the same old players, Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers? Indians would ask for 1/2 a farm system wouldn't they?

RKD49 - There's only 10 true number 1 starters in all of the major leagues and CC is one of them. There are a lot of teams that have deep minor league systems like the Milwaukee Brewers, if you really want to win a championship you need a true #1 and a good #2. The fans have helped baseball become a $6 biliion industry, between luxury tax and profit sharing, every team can afford CC Sabathia. Two years ago the Kansas City royals, known for their cheapness, gave Gil Meche $55 mil.

Here is where Rob's brain does not function well with the issue at hand. I think every team can afford CC Sabathia but here is the part Dibble misses. Every team is not going to bid for him. As I tell my loved ones there is a big difference in what you can afford and what you are willing to pay. Dibble missed the whole point. I would also like for someone to eventually define a #1 starter for me, if there are only ten, I want to be able to find out who these people are. Or is that something Dibble just made up, right here on the spot? You be the judge.

[Comment From Steve Mac]Ozzie stays as manager. That last tirade was nothing. He stated the obvious, which was if the players didn't perform. Then the GM would find someone who does. Also the manager & hitting coach could be on the chopping block. Chicago Media blew that out or proportion, I don't think the national media was that bad. But writers like Marriotti should go to work for the tabloids with that kind of journalism.

RKD49 - I disagree, Ozzie is no longer a player. You want your team to be represented by someone more like Joe Torre than Ozzie Guillen.

Why does everyone use Bobby Cox and Joe Torre as the example of how a manager should act? Joe Torre is comatose most of the time and Bobby Cox has gotten thrown out of the most games in MLB history while managing a pitching staff with the agility of a 13 year old at his first prom. You know who I would rather have as a manager? One that can win a World Series with a baseball team and right now that means I would want Ozzie.

Two things I've learned in the 20+ years I've been around major league baseball, the manager has to respect the players and the manager has to respect management.

You can't just make sentences in support of your argument that do not pertain to the conversation. If A and B are fighting, then C may have nothing to do with it. The problem is not the players respecting Guillen or management respecting Guillen, the problem in this question was the media blowing it out of proportion. Which did happen courtesy of Jay the Brillo Head and others. If the question asked about Ken Williams, then you could have answered with your "I have been around baseball for 20+ years..." I have been around shitty journalism for 28 years and I learned that when a person is stupid, he/she says shit like this.

[Comment From Mike Torrez]who do you think has the toughest division, with in mind.. the rest of everyones schedule?

RKD49 - Every division is hard. It's the lowest winning percentage by visiting teams in major league baseball history since 1931. Only 3 teams in MLB are above .500 on the road this season.

At some point Rob Dibble and Joe Morgan have met at a Cincinnati Red conference or something. Only Joe Morgan could teach him the art of the cop out sentence while throwing in random facts that mean nothing pertaining to the question as a way of showing you know something but just not the answer to the direct question you were given.

It is the analyst version of, "Look, something shiny!"

[Comment From diran]Rob, do you think anyone will ever win the triple crown again.

RKD49 - The reason I don't think anyone will win the triple crown is that baseball has changed. Hitters used to respect stiking out. They don't now...So the batting average for alot of HR and RBI guys is going to be too low to complete the feat...If there is 1 man it would be Albert Pujols...He is 1 to 1 with K's and BB's...he would be the pick for me...

Oh Dear God. Let's do a logic test by breaking down each sentence to see where Dibble makes no fucking sense.

Hitters used to respect stiking out. They don't now...

I think he meant striking out, so I am going to go with that. Is it a good or a bad thing to respect striking out? I can't figure this out. Is this like respecting a shark? What is this?

So the batting average for alot of HR and RBI guys is going to be too low to complete the feat...

His argument is that hitters strike out too much and everyone's batting average would be too low. But compared to who? Oh yeah, themselves! Just like Rob may be the smartest person at his family reunion, he will be able to win the Dibble Family Jeopardy Game, because he is being compared to a class of people who have the same problem he does. Stupidity. Same thing here. Rob has some India style caste system he thinks players adhere to now where homerun and RBI hitters don't hit for average and hitters who hit for average don't hit HR's and RBI's, so there is no way someone who hits for average could hit enough HR's or RBI's to get the Triple Crown. Let's check out the league leaders and bold those players who can be seen at in least two of the top 5 in each league in the three categories. AL first.

Batting Average:

1. Milton Bradley
2. Joe Mauer
3. Hideki Matsui
4. Johnny Damon
5. J.D. Drew

Home Runs:

1. Josh Hamilton
2. Carlos Quentin
3. Manny Ramirez
4. Jason Giambi
5. Milton Bradley


1. Josh Hamilton
2. Carlos Quentin
3. Jose Guillen
4. Manny Ramirez
5. Justin Morneau

It looks like he may have a point! So I then saw something interesting. Two names that are on the HR and RBI list are on the BA list in the top 10.

6. Josh Hamilton
10. Manny Ramirez

It looks to me like Josh Hamilton and Manny Ramirez currently both have a shot at the Triple Crown.

Now the NL:

Batting Average:

1. Chipper Jones
2. Lance Berkman
3. Albert Pujols
4. Aaron Rowand
5. Ryan Theriot

Home Runs:

1. Chase Utley
2. Lance Berkman
3. Dan Uggla
4. Adrian Gonzalez
5. Ryan Braun


1. Chase Utley
2. Adrian Gonzalez
3. Lance Berkman
4. Ryan Ludwick
5. Carlos Lee

Pujols is actually a decent guess and he possibly could get the Triple Crown but would Lance Berkman not have been a better example for an expert? Come on, he is right there in all three categories. Especially since Chipper Jones would have to be the first person to hit .400 in 60 years. I think it is hard to say power hitters don't hit for average and make blanket statements like Dibble is fond of here.

[Comment From jack philipoom]At least one of the pirates outfileders should make it to the all star game they're all having carrer years!

New All Star criteria: Anyone having a career year makes it in the All Star game and it would all be retroactive, so this year this man starts the game at shortstop for his career year in 1999. Congrats!

Would it hurt anyone to try and spell correctly?

[Comment From Guest]sure respond to the cubs comment but you don't respond to my and say yes you are right i order everyone to vote reading this to vote for the pirates outfiielders right now.

New chat criteria: Any question about the Pirates outfielders has to be answered ASAP. By the way, a free Cheez-It to those who can name the Pirates OF without looking it up.

This chat just became a free for all at this point, so random comments follow:

RKD49 -
The White Sox have the best pen on paper, but give a lot of credit to George Cherrill in Baltimore, he's got 21 saves and Brian Wilson in SF with 18.

Usually when you put a "but" in a sentence it pertains in some way to the prior sentence fragment. Rob Dibble says fuck that. It's like he has 35 thoughts in his head and has to get them out as soon as possible. It's like "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" for thoughts in your head...and usually Rob loses.

RKD49 - Just take the top 10 pitchers from wins and saves in each league and you pretty much have your All Star pitchers. the guys that I think should start the game right now are Cliff Lee in the AL and Edinson Volquez for thge NL.

New All Star criteria: No votes, screw the fans, the day before name the team based on random statistic calculation. That way there is 20 pitchers on a roster for 25. Smart move. Under this criteria here is players among your All Star team:

Mike Mussina
Vincente Padilla
Chien Ming Wang
Mark Hendrickson
Trevor Hoffman
B.J. Ryan

I like this method. So I guess the 10 #1 pitchers in baseball are the pitchers with the most wins then.

[Comment From robags]hey dibs, what's your take on fantasy? good or bad for baseball?

RKD49 - fantasy is great for baseball, my friend James Denton of Desparate Housewives has played for 20 years....I'm just brutal when it comes to building a team on 100 million

First Dibble uses Joe Morganesque reasoning and now he is name dropping like Bill Simmons. I think Dibble is just brutal when it involves thinking and reasoning. He just says stupid things.

RKD49 - mets are trying to win


RKD49 - The fans should have a vote for the HOF

Because fan voting for the All Star Game works so well. I wish fans had a vote in who worked for Fox Sports.

RKD49 - The writers were brought in 70 years ago to promote the HOF, now is you write for a paper for 10 years you get a vote. How does Vin Scully not have a vote. Time to get into the 21st century.....

Seriously, he has all kinds of shitty insights like this one, loaded with sentences that don't make sense. Vin Scully is an announcer for one organization, what makes him more qualified than a writer to vote for the HoF? I am all for redoing the whole HoF process but I am not sure fan voting and announcer voting is the solution. I am sure Jerry Remy would be incredibly inpartial on his Mike Greenwell HoF vote.

Unfortunately this is how Rob Dibble ended the chat/clusterfuck. The novacaine is wearing off now and I am going to sneak downstairs into mom's kitchen to get some juice and climb back in the attic now.