Friday, June 6, 2008

0 comments Peter Gammons Is A Dick

I had snuck out of the attic this morning to brush my teeth and stupidly turned on Mike and Mike In The Morning and saw Peter Gammons was doing his weekly Friday Red Sox update. Between the time I went to go finish brushing my teeth and feeding my pet panther and the time I came back to the television, the topic had turned to Jimmy Rollins and this is what spewed out of Pete-ah's mouth (please pretend he is saying it with his weird lisp thingie and this is not an exact quote but is close enough to get the point):

Jimmy Rollins is the leader of that team. He had a great season last year and deserved the MVP. I don't care how many statistics you put together in the basement trying to prove otherwise, you can't measure what he does on the field and his teammates count on him.

My first thought was that Pete-ah thought Rollins had gotten traded to the Red Sox and that is why he was defending him. My second thought was I need to watch more Phillies games to see if Rollins does magic tricks on the field or jumps through a fiery hoop during the 7th inning stretch. My third though was that he is the lead off hitter, of course they count on him to get on base, which is also the main criticism of his MVP candidacy.

My fourth thought was the cheap shot at bloggers or anyone who does not have enough room for an office that is not in the basement. I love how Peter tied in the blogger, Sabermetrics and basement argument into one sentence. Very original and especially hilarious. I bet he tells a great Asian women driver joke or two. He should probably stick to sniffing around the Red Sox collective ass and leave the blogger jokes to others.

This is another example of the extreme distaste that "old school" baseball writers have for Sabermetrics and anything involving blogging about baseball. It is ironic he said this because Gammons is revered by many on the Internet and I am also pretty sure Gammons' BFF Theo uses Sabermetrics in some evaluations of players.