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17 comments MMQB Review: Peter Has Breaking News From the Draft...We Still Know Nothing

We are not even going to talk about my brutally bad NBA playoff selections from the first games this weekend. Wow, they were bad, I really hope to redeem myself over the next month and half when the first round finally ends and we can get on to the second round.

On to more important news now. It's almost draft time, which means Peter King is pounding the phones trying to find new ways to bring up his idea that he thinks getting paid for a playoff game at the rate of over $30K is being underpaid. He also gets some draft nuggets (food alert!) from a high ranking official, himself, that he made up.

Draft angles always blow up, and no one sells insurance for my Draft Week 2009 plotline. But here goes: The three most influential men atop the 2009 Draft are Scott Pioli, Dan Snyder and Sanchez.

What do you read Peter King's weekly column for? Actual news and information? Stupid you, Peter is only selling "angles" which is journalism for "making shit up in the hopes he seems right."

In the last 10 days, I've spent hours (only my cell phone company knows how many for sure) foraging for crumbs for my Sports Illustrated mock, in your mailboxes Wednesday and Thursday.

"Crumbs." More food talk. This man is obsessed.

And the one thing I've heard on most calls is, "Well, you know Pioli wants to get out of his pick. He wants to trade down.''

Seriously, that is all he heard. Peter spent 10 hours trying to find information and he doesn't have a whole lot to offer us. I don't know if that reflects poorly on him as person who is supposed to have contacts in the league or if everyone is being very tight lipped about the draft, but I would like to think a little of both.

It's true. He does want out. There's not a player Kansas City believes is worth third-pick-in-the-first-round money.

Every other team in the lottery completely believes that there is a player worth the amount of money they are going to fetch before ever playing a single game in the NFL. Kansas City is the lone holdout though who doesn't believe this. This is so noble of them. I am of course kidding. I would say EVERY team wants out of the top 10 in the draft, but won't be able to trade the pick because no one else wants it either, so because most of these teams stunk so much the year before they just draft the best possible player and hype him up as a savior.

I spoke to someone close to Snyder over the weekend, and this person said Snyder is not going to allow next year's first-rounder to be put in a trade. Maybe. Maybe not.

Thanks for the absolutely solid information.

Last Friday, the last night teams could host, wine and dine players from out of town in their home market, Snyder and vice president Vinny Cerrato took Sanchez out to dinner at an Italian place in downtown D.C. after Sanchez had spent the day with Washington coaches and personnel people. Big deal? Maybe. Maybe not.

I would like to see Peter King be a weatherman instead of a guy who writes about food and traffic patterns.

"It looks like there are some clouds accumulating for this weekend, but more importantly, will we have rain? Maybe. Maybe not. Enjoy your fourth of July cookout and avoid the new restaurant off the I-30 interchange, the coffee tastes like piss and for a supposedly upscale restaurant, the service sure is slow, while the prices are high."

Sanchez, the in-demand quarterback, has visited nine teams between one (Detroit) and 19 (Tampa Bay) in the first round.

I am going to be stubborn and still say I don't think Mark Sanchez is going to be a great NFL quarterback. Remember my NBA playoff picks for this weekend if you want to know my general accuracy level when it comes to predicting and then you can decide to believe me or not. I just don't get the Mark Sanchez infatuation. He reminds me of a right handed Matt Leinart, he doesn't have a great arm and I think he benefitted greatly from the team around him.

A first-round pick in a following year is devalued by about 20 percent or more, depending on the organization's trade-chart variables. Let's do the match. The third pick this year is valued at 2,200 points. The 13th pick has a value of 1,150. The third-round pick is worth 190 points and the fifth-rounder 35 points. Next year's one -- the 16th overall pick, because you have to assume you're getting a middle-of-the-pack pick -- is worth 800 with the 20-percent discount. So the Redskins would be acquiring a pick with a value of 2,200 points and trading four picks with a combined value of 2,175.

Seriously, it's not that I don't like drafting young quarterbacks or anything but rather than trade all of those picks for Mark Sanchez, why didn't the Redskins just trade it for Jay Cutler? I know, that would have made sense...and Josh McDaniels did not want Jason Campbell, he wanted Kyle Orton.

"I think it's going to be an interesting week,'' Sanchez said. "I have no idea what's going to happen. I really don't. In other drafts, the top seemed pretty clear a few days before the draft. Not this year.''

That is incorrect. I don't know which year he is talking about but in the past 5 years, everyone thought Aaron Rodgers was going to be the top pick and then Alex Smith went #1 and Rodgers fell to the Packers, the night before the draft the Texans took Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, and the Patriots took Jerod Mayo a lot higher than expected last year. That's just off the top of my head of times when the top did not seem very clear.

I think it's going to come down to tackle Andre Smith and defensive tackle B.J. Raji for Cincinnati at number six.

Are there two other players the Bengals would choose between? Either the fat tackle who flaked at the Combine and doesn't seem to take the process too seriously or the defensive tackle who allegedly tested positive for drugs before the Combine. Whether any of these rumors are true or not, I would not expect the Bengals to choose between two of any other players in the draft.

New England loves UConn cornerback Darius Butler. New England is smoke-screening by letting on that it loves UConn cornerback Darius Butler.

Peter King last year:

7. New England. DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio State. I think the Patriots will sniff around a couple of guys this week, most notably Chris Long in the off-chance he makes it to No. 7, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade up to the Chiefs' pick if they think the Jets might be Gholston people.

16. Arizona. CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy. Odd. From what I read, I thought there was already a jersey in the New England Patriots Pro Shop in Foxboro with "MCKELVIN'' stitched on the back.

You can't really believe anything the Patriots say.

Two teams I spoke with failed Monroe on their physical exams because of a knee history; one said Monroe would likely be fine for three or four years, minimum, but the team would be worried about relying on Monroe for a 10-year career. I hear this, but I think it's overly cautious. Anthony Munoz had 14 teams fail him on their team physicals in 1980, and he went on to be a durable Hall of Famer, maybe the best tackle of all time.

Yeah, let's take that one exception and just apply it as the rule. If Peter King were a doctor in Africa he would tell all the AIDS patients they can live for decades very healthy, I mean, just look at Magic Johnson!

"Jason Peters is the best left tackle in football.''-- Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, after dealing first, fourth- and sixth-round picks to Buffalo for the Pro Bowl tackle.

Not last year he wasn't.

I think the Eagles overpaid. Last year Peters gave up 11.5 sacks last year if you can believe these numbers I linked.

Random story you can skip if you like: On a Carolina Panthers fan site I semi-tore this guy a new asshole (if that is possible over the Internet) over this issue because he said that Jeff Otah (who the Panthers traded their 1st round pick this year to Philly for and that pick the Eagles traded for Peters) was not worth it because the Bills got a Pro Bowl lineman from our pick and then the Panthers could have gotten a Pro Bowl lineman and he wanted someone to "finally" say that Otah stinks (since he has been in the league all of one year) and will never been any good at LT (despite the fact he plays RT and will play that until Jordan Gross's massive contract he signed a couple of months ago runs out). You know that dumbass that posts on every single one of your favorite teams sites and generally just makes random shit up and wants to trade Player X for Player Y, even though it makes no sense? That's this guy. I had read his stuff that was just bullshit for so long, I finally semi-snapped. Why are people so stupid?

"Chad Johnson called me today. Crying. He wonders why everyone can get traded but him.''-- Former Johnson teammate T.J. Houshmandzadeh, now with Seattle, on NFL Network Friday night.

It could be because he is crying on the phone about this, his performance last year was not great, and nobody wants him because he is a me-first receiver who will always have his mouth overshadow his play. That's just three guesses though.

It's the new green me.

It's not like I'm going to be surrendering my car now than I'm a city guy, but being without it is increasingly enjoyable. Check out this 28-hour experience that began Thursday morning:

Walk 10 minutes to the Back Bay train station to catch a train to New York.

Take the train to New York.

Take a cab to visit buddy Jack Bowers in the hospital after surgery.

Take a cab to SI in midtown Manhattan for an afternoon of meetings.

Take the subway to Queens for Mets-Padres.

Take the subway to Manhattan after the game.

Walk to Penn Station.

Take the train back to Boston.

Walk the 10 minutes home.

Not an unpleasant trip on any of the legs. You people in cities have been hiding how great it is to get along without a car.

The best part? Cabs and the train are absolutely free. You don't have to pay for those at all. I would bet $100 also Peter did not have to make any of these trips between the hours of 7-9am or 4-6pm because if he had, he would find these trips are not always enjoyable. It's good to see his child like innocence and excitement at using public transportation. I give it another 2 weeks.

Also, taxis, cabs and trains are not "green." You are doing damage to the environment by riding in them, so please don't consider yourself a hero.

As most of you know, we'll be holding a benefit for SI pro football maven Paul Zimmerman on May 18 at 7 p.m. at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, N.J., with Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Jets coach Rex Ryan appearing with me on a panel to rev up attendees for the 2009 football season.

Most of us know, but Peter still kills space by telling us again.

Dr. Z suffered three strokes last November, leaving him unable to read, speak or write, and we're raising money for him to undergo some aggressive treatment so he can resume the life of writing -- we hope -- that he longs to do.

Again, for fearing that I am sounding insensitive, Dr. Z is not the only person to have ever suffered a couple of strokes and I really hope some of this money is going to a special cause so that others who don't have wealthy and well connected friends can get the same type of aggressive treatment. Maybe someone who has had a stroke and is not 76 years of age and may want to hold his/her children again, rather than have the goal of writing for a sports column.

I do really hope it is going to others as well, because let's be honest, with me having the complete understanding of what he has gone through and sympathy for Dr. Z...being at the age of 76 years old and wanting to do his job of writing about sports again as his goal is not the best reason to give him this aggressive treatment compared to what other stroke victims face. Dr. Z is probably not the best or most worthy candidate for this treatment. I know he wants a great quality of life and be able to speak to his family again but for Peter to keep bringing up the possibility of Dr. Z writing for again rubs the wrong way. Dr. Z's family livelihood doesn't depend on him getting this treatment, which happens in other stroke victim's cases. He should be considering retirement now, I just want this benefit to spread the wealth a little. I really hope he gets the treatment and is able to write a column for SI and lives a happy life, but I also really, really hope some of this money is going to younger people who have suffered strokes and have more important goals like just talking to his/her children offense but it seems like there is a benefit being held so Dr. Z can come back and write at again. I don't think that should be the priority is all I am saying. I know people younger than Dr. Z who have suffered strokes in the prime of their life and they would want the money to pay for the aggressive treatment so they can just speak and interact with their loved ones again. I hope the money is going to people like that as well, rather than just to get Dr. Z back at to write a couple of articles before he retires in a year or two.

1. I think if I were Buffalo GM Russ Brandon, I wouldn't be thinking, "Eleven's too high to take Brandon Pettigrew.'' If I couldn't trade down four of five slots (and, as you can see by history above, the Bills don't trade much on draft day), I'd take the best all-around tight end to come out since -- well, since maybe Jeremy Shockey

I wrote a post defending Shockey's attitude and personality when he got traded to the Saints. But really, Jeremy Shockey? I know he has had some injuries but the his last two to three years are not awe-inspiring and possibly not first round pick worthy. This was not the best comparison Peter has ever made.

3. I think time's growing short if you want to make a deal before draft day, Detroit. Sounds to me like the Lions are going to try to force Matthew Stafford to take a slightly below-market deal by using Aaron Curry as leverage, who would sign for less than Stafford. The problem, as I see it, is that the coach seems to have his hopes pinned to Stafford, and if the front office doesn't deliver, Jim Schwartz could be wondering what he's gotten himself into.

Don't you get the feeling Detroit is going to screw this up somehow? For me, it's not a question of whether this is going to blow up in Detroit's face, but exactly how it is going to blow up in Detroit's face.

6. I think, as I examine the Jason Peters deal -- first-, fourth- and sixth-round picks, with the first-rounder the 28th pick in Saturday's draft -- I think the Eagles got the major edge.

I don't get this about Peter King. Just a couple of pages ago, in this column, he said Jason Peters was not the best LT in football, but after the Eagles give him a 4 year $53 million dollar contract, and trade three picks for him he thinks the Eagles got a major edge. Then he follows up this thought with this response from a quote made about Peters:

And it really affected him. I think he'll be a dominating player in Philadelphia, and I don't think the money will affect him.'' We'll see.

He says, "we'll see," like he is not sure the money will not affect him...but he still thinks the Eagles got a major edge. How is this? He doesn't think Peters performed at the highest level last year and seems unconvinced the money will not negatively affect him, and yet still thinks the Eagles got a great edge in the trade. The most bizarre part is that he bases his opinion of the Eagles getting a major edge in the trade on the quote (I put part up in bold above) and then seemed to question the quote's accuracy with "we'll see." I don't get Peter King at all. Either he doesn't believe what he just wrote with the Eagles having a major edge, and if so, why did he write it...or he believes what he wrote and doesn't want to take a stand and say Peters will bounce back this year, which is even more bizarre.

e. Good luck, Cris Collinsworth. You won't need luck, though. Prepared, talented guys don't ever need luck.

Now we will see if Collinsworth's knowledge and game calling ability gets dumb down when working with Al Michaels. I like Collinsworth but I have a feeling in three years he will be annoying me and speaking nonsense.

f. How cool it was this morning dropping my brother-in-law, Bob Whiteley, at the Boston Common at 6:45 so he could board one of the hundreds of yellow school buses for the 45-minute ride to Hopkinton and the start of the Boston marathon.

Drop him off? I really hope the new "green" Peter King did not drive a car there. I also get a bit of a chuckle that Peter thought it was really cool dropping someone off to take a bus ride to start the Boston Marathon. I can only imagine how cool he would think it could be to actually either watch or run in the Boston Marathon. You know, do something that has some semblance to exercise. I bet that would be cool also. Oh, Peter King and his child like observations, I can never get enough. It's just another day in the PK Broiler we call MMQB.


The Casey said...

Guys like your message-board buddy are why I don't even bother with boards for my favorite teams anymore. The signal-to-noise ratio is just too low. They seem to always be filled with either people who think that anybody who plays for their team is OMG BEST EVAR!!1! or people who are incredibly critical of every decision anybody associated with the team makes.

Chad Johnson called TJ Houshmanzadeh crying? Because he didn't get traded? I've known better-adjusted 14-year-old girls. Is playing football for the Bengals (and getting paid millions of dollars to do so) that onerous?

At least this week we found out a little bit about the mysterious Jack Bowers.

Bengoodfella said...

I don't really participate all that much in them, mostly because I always end up getting in arguments so I look like an asshole. I follow a person for a few weeks and then just get tired of it and then explain why he is wrong, it turns into an argument over a board and I feel like a jerk for picking a fight.

I would not give a 3rd round pick for Chad Johnson at this point and I am not kidding. It is ironic that he has been whining for two years now about wanting to be traded and he hasn't been yet.

I am glad we learned something about Jack Bowers this week, apparently he had some sort of surgery. Peter King is on Twitter now. It is going to be so hard not to post something he wrote every single day.

The Thrill said...

Aaron Rodgerswill have an MVP caliber season next year and the Packers will draft well in the coming weeks!

Bengoodfella said...

Yes, that very well could happen next year with Aaron Rodgers. I would hope the Packers are going to draft well next week and not the next couple of weeks...unless they are privy to another draft none of the other teams know about.

Martin said...

One thing that kills me about Peter is that he sounds just like a message board fan/radio show caller. "Team A should trade down..." The entire idea that a team needs to want to trade up seems lost on them. Why would anybody want to help out Pioli by taking away his #3 pick? I think this is one reason why guys who leave organizations fail. They try to replicate what they did there, and now there are, say, 5 teams using the same style/method where there had been 1 or 2. Also, it gives other teams a chance to stick it to guys they've disliked for years. It might be too late to screw over the Pats, but we can keep Pioli's ass on the bottom of the ladder.

Bengoodfella said...

He does sound a bit like that type of radio caller. I don't like those guys because they try to make everything a lot easier than it really is.

I don't know why Peter believes the Chiefs are so special in that they don't want the #3 pick in the draft. Like you said, nobody wants that pick. Like you said, a team would really want to help them out to take that early of a pick off their hands and give them picks in the draft to make the team better. I don't see anyone actually making a trade for any top 10 picks, and if so, it will be at a discount because no team wants to pay that salary.

Some coaches do fail because they are trying to replicate what happened at a prior job and have it transfer to the new position, when the two teams are in completely different situations. I do have to say I have liked what the Chiefs have done so far, they have at least tried to stay competitive for this upcoming year, but I think they have a little bit more to do.

If anyone is still bitter about anything New England has done in the past, they are not going to trade with Pioli or do anything to help him. They would want to keep him down for a little while. That is a little short sighted though, especially if there is some trad with the Chiefs that could help a team. I would not trade for the #3 pick if I was the Redskins.

Martin said...

It's 96 degrees here's too freaking hot to think in April when it's that hot.

I finally heard a decent argument for taking Stafford with the #1 pick. The problem is, as the commentator said, that Stafford is the guy they would be taking. It takes 2-3 years for a QB to begin figuring out what the hell is going on, and there are so few decent QB's, it doesn't make sense for the Lions to rebuild a team and have no QB. Take the QB now, build the team, let the QB take over in year two. As the guy said though, is Stafford really that kind of QB? In a draft like this one, there isn't anything resembling a clear, kick ass #1, so picking Stafford is a lesser of two evils, and you hope he succeeds.

I'd still take someone else because the kid and his agent will both want him to be paid a gajillion dollars because he's #1 AND a QB, and Peter King will say they are being underpaid. I seriously think that the most important part of the next contract in the NFL will be rookie wage structure. I seriously doubt that the veteran players are going to protect rookie money in this kind of economy. That in and of itself will save the League millions of dollars.

Bengoodfella said...

I can understand that logic for picking Stafford I really can. My problem is that you need to make sure you have a QB who is ready to take an ass whipping for a few years or is willing to sit the bench to figure out the offense. Stafford may be the lesser of two evils but I would really hope they could do more than hope with the #1 pick in the draft simply because they are spending a lot of money on that player as well.

I think there needs to be a rookie wage cap as well. Obviously the problem is not the guys who get picked late in the 1st round but those guys who are picked in the top 15. If Stafford were getting a contract that was 6 years $24 million I would definitely say choose him but at #1 you have to be sure you get the right guy and I don't know if Stafford is that right guy or not.

Martin said...

Ok, outside the box here, but I jstu read that Home Depot is telling ESPN to change it's College Game Day football crew. The word on the Net is that Fowler and Corso are out, and Holtz and Ravech are in.

To me this is just an atrocity. Not that I don't like me some Ravech, because he's a true professional, Fowler is great at the whole college thing, and is really into it. Does this mean Fowler will do Baseball Tonight? It just seems all weird.

Corso, eh. They could replace him and it wouldn't bother me too much. He's the "blow hard" guy of the group, but he does have a good feel for picking upsets, so I'm not gonna put down the mans football knowledge, just some of his ways of imparting it to viewers. Replacing him with Holtz SUUUUUUUCKS. Can't stand the guy. He's a Notre Dame homer of the worst, uneducated sort (which is pretty much like being any top program lap dog/bandwaggoner fan), is inarticulate half the time, wrong the other half, and is on his way to the "Stating the Obvious" Hall of Fame, sadly because stating the obvious is about the only time he gets anything right. I'll take Corso 7 days a week and twice on Saturday over freaking Holtz. I have wondered the last couple years how Holtz was ever a successful college coach, cause on tv he doesn't seem to have a clue.

In short, this is such a Coporate, "It ain't broke, but I'm flexing my authority to fix it" power play it's painful to me. If it was just replacing Our Whacky Uncle Lee with some really good up and comer, fine, but Lou Freaking Holtz?? The Fowler part is just as non-sensical, but at least they would be replacing him with someone who is good at their job. I just think Ravech is far more, laid back?, then Fowler, and mindless wnthusiasm is part of what college sports is about.

Maybe if Ohio State plays Notre Dame, Herbie can goad the old man into a heart attack.

Bengoodfella said...

I can't believe Home Depot would force ESPN to change the crew for that and I can't believe ESPN would actually think about doing it. There aren't a whole lot of shows on ESPN I enjoy watching but the Saturday Morning pre-game show with those three guys is something I really like watching. Chris Fowler is great at running the show and I think Corso and Herbstreit play off each other really well.

Sure, Corso tends to be a clown sometimes, but not in a Woody Paige type way but he doesn't do the greatest part of explaining things to the viewers. His ability to pick upsets is pretty good and I think he overall has good football knowledge. I would not have such a problem with it if they were replacing him with someone better than he is but Lou Holtz talks with a lisp that makes him damn near unlistenable for me and I don't think he knows what the hell he is talking about most of the time. This is a horrible move if it is going to really happen and I wish ESPN would tell Home Depot to shove it.

Their pre-game show is something I can watch where I actually feel like those people talking about it have some clue about what may happen in the games. I would tire of Lou Holtz pro-Notre Dame stances very quickly, and really not even that, I would just tire of him quickly. I can't stand the way he talks and I don't think he knows anything. I hope this really does not happen.

The Casey said...

Martin, that is CRAZY that Home Depot would do that to GameDay. Not doubting you, but that would be a terrible move on their part. Fowler, Corso, and Herbstreit work well together. I sure wouldn't screw with the chemistry. And I don't know anyone who thinks that having Lou Holtz on the TV is a good thing. Maybe he's a Home Depot stockholder or something.

Bengoodfella said...

I am going to go ahead and say Lou Holtz is horrible. If you are pulling Lee Corso from the show at least choose someone who knows something about football. Lou Holtz is unlistenable.

Again, I hate ESPN normally but this is actually a show and a group that works really well together.

I googled it and there is a link that says Corso and Fowler are out on a page, but I don't have access b/c I am not a member.

AJ said...

I think the Lions drafting a QB is the worst possible solution they could do, which is exactly why they will draft him. I wonder if that was the idiot Kiper who said it takes 2-3 year to develop a QB so you should take him now so he can learn. Thats a fine idea, except it has to be the perfect situation. The Lions have a whole new coach, and whole new front office, and are still lacking in the OL department. What exactly do you think a young QB is going to learn in 2-3 years? You realize that most likely they won't win any games on this team, the coach will be fired in 3 years, and you start all over again. So now you got a QB you drafted 3 years ago that supposedly developed on a losing team that is now forced to reinvent himself with a new coach and a new system.

This is exactly why the Lions need to draft an OL this year with their first pick, then draft a QB either later in the draft or next year after they get their OL up to the level to play in the NFL.

Everyone agrees there is no clear cut number 1 pick in this draft, which means there is no CLEAR cut francise QB. If there isnt a francise QB out there, then why would you spend all your money and the next 3 years trying to make him fit. It never works out.

With all that said, the Lions will of course select the worse of the top 2 QBs with the first pick and procede to win 2 games next year, be stuck with the number 1 pick in 2010 and debating on if Colt is better then Stafford (which he is). The Lions are going to get the number 1 pick next year, and they know there are better QBs coming out then, so why not take a francise OL and wait for a QB? Or would that make to much sense?

Bengoodfella said...

Your thinking about the draft next year is what I have been thinking as well. It feels non-sensical to me to try and wait for a quarterback next year to come out and then draft him but I think that could be the best thing the Lions could do. I personally would want Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy, those guys have impressed me more than Sanchez and Stafford.

Culpepper is not a great option for the Lions this year but I just feel like spending an assload of money on a QB out of the gate is the wrong decision. Maybe they should take a QB in the later rounds, like 2nd or 3rd round. That would not be a bad idea.

Your timeline of 2-3 years for a QB to develop is exactly correct. If the team stinks he will be learning a whole new offense in this 3rd season and have to start all over.

I don't know how much better the Lions will be next year but if they don't get the #1 pick, I don't think they would have to work too hard to trade up and get the #1 pick and take McCoy or Bradford.

Martin said...

The link I used was actually from a Deadspin commentator, so I'll try and find it again.

No AJ, it wasn't Kiper, I "think" it was Chris Landry from Fox. He was speaking in broad terms, not exactly the Lions, and not exactly Stafford, as to why a team in teh situation would/should take a QB in that spot. If it was a stable franchise, where you knew that the Head coach and Offensive coaches and scheme would be there 5 years it would make more sense. As you point out though, Stafford is just going to end up in a Jason Campbell situation, 4 coaches in 5 years. Damn hard to learn the QB position like that.

AJ said...

Speaking of Kiper, I was watching SC last night for 3 seconds and he was on the split screen with another "draft expert" who was giving his mock draft for the top 10. I'm not sure who the guy was, nor do i really care to remember, but it was funny cuz Kiper was basically making fun of him for his mock draft.

Kiper thinks he is the know all end all of mock drafts. How can he make fun of someone elses mock draft? It says it in the name, MOCK. Its not real, there is no way of knowing who is going to draft who. Someones opinion is just as right as the next persons.

Bengoodfella said...

I have no idea how Kiper can make fun of anyone else's mock draft, especially considering when you go back over a 3-4 year period and see how wrong he was about the draft grades for each team.

I wonder whose mock he was making fun of? I would bet that person is going to be as accurate as Kiper is with his picks and reaction to the picks in a couple of years.