Wednesday, May 6, 2009

15 comments Random Thoughts: A-Rod-Less Edition

I wasn't sure what to put up here today because no article was bad enough to have caught my eye, but being the obsessive complusive person I am, I had to put something up here. I used to do this thing when I first started this blog called Random Thoughts which basically was pretty similar to the "Ten Things..." I do except (a) it is not numbered, (b) I seem to be more opinionated, and (c) it was not called "Ten Things..." and those seem to be the only differences. So I thought I would do that today, because if there is anything in this world I am good at, it is giving my opinion. Because I have made some huge technology upgrades since the last time I did this, I wanted to use bullets beside each point instead of those cheap ass dash (-) things I use, but I tried that and fucking hated it. So we are stuck with cheap ass dash (-) things, but I will make them bold. Don't act like you aren't excited.

- I have been following Peter King's Twitter account and I have found it is a complete and utter waste. The things that annoy me about his MMQB column, like where he does shout outs to individuals or answers a question but doesn't show the question, is magnified 1,000 times on his Twitter account. We end up with shit like this:

@DownUnda2008 : I hope EVERYONE saved a couple of bucks for Dr. Z's auction ... it's at, by the way. look state-by-state, NJ.
from web in reply to DownUnda2008

@Mort2u : Hey Mort! That is fantastic. You are an old softie. How goes life with you? Hope you are well.
from web in reply to Mort2u

@willyh23 : I doubt they'll deal for any receiver now, not after taking two in the first three rounds.
from web in reply to willyh23

@KJF16 : How many more players than Jason Peters, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy--the great value pick of the draft--do you want?
from web in reply to KJF16

@TCMIN_B : Thanks a lot. I'm humbled by it.
from web in reply to TCMIN_B

@gwardiii : It's a good question. But remember: Favre was playing well through 11 weeks last year till he got hurt.

I guess it is a good thing for these writers to be on Twitter because they can answer questions from the fans but it is annoying because I don't always know what the people asked Peter. I would think a better use of Twitter would be for a columnist to break news or provide links like Bill Simmons does. I actually enjoy his Twitter because he provides links and says stupid shit that annoys me. I enjoy being annoyed. Peter King just answers questions from fellow Tweeters, which just frustrates the hell out of me.

And oh yes, Mort2u is Chris Mortensen and he actually does Twitter like it should be done for someone who breaks sports news stories (of course his stories are not always accurate or true, but that is a different discussion):

I heard interesting Favre's "state-of-mind" angle on why he may hire a QB coach soon to work with him. will talk on M & M and SC.
from web

I know I am always piling on Peter King, but what the hell does he do? He doesn't break football news stories, he is not responsible for any type of analysis, and he can't provide any type of insight into what is going on in many situations in the NFL. He basically goes around and pals around with NFL players and coaches and then writes about it. I guess he gets the "inside scoop" on some stuff but I would think there is a limited market for those who really care how Rex Ryan got Bart Scott to New York, how great the Eagles draft was or how the Jets got the trade for Mark "The Bust" Sanchez. Maybe I am wrong.

- John Wall is turning into another Stephon Marbury or Steve Francis, just younger and from North Carolina, not New York or Maryland. I profiled (not really, I don't know of another word...but "profiled" sounds like I was doing actual journalism) him a few months ago and I know there has been a bunch of spin out there convincing everyone he is such a great kid and just wants to be loved. This may or may not be true. He has his choice of colleges where he can play and every team wants him. So what does he do?

He commits a fucking B&E. In one year, he is going to have more money than he knows what to do with (well actually not if you believe those who claims athletes are in the 60% income tax bracket and it is easy to spend that much money), but he decides to break and enter into a house right before he needs to make a decision for which college to choose.

Between him, Josh Hamilton, and Evan Rachel Wood, if you are from Raleigh, North Carolina there is a good chance you will either be weird, a drug addict, or get in trouble with the police.

- Look at this picture of Renaldo Sydney. Tell me that is not Zach Randolph ten years ago. 6 foot 10 inches, 250 pounds with 23% body's him. Clearly Randolph is performing some time traveling shit like we can all see on Lost.

Oh, and that goofy white guy who is getting ready to get dunked on? He's a Duke recruit of course and his name is Ryan Kelly...he also dates Bill Cowher's daughter and I am going to probably hate him. His entrance in the starting lineup will put potentially three unathletic white guys in the starting lineup next year with Scheyer, Singler, and Kelly. That's way too many unathletic white guys for my comfort level. Of course the fact they still have no inside presence or a point guard probably will affect them more when they get lose in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. I curse the way I was born, if I had only jumped on the UNC bandwagon at a young age I would be happier in regards to sports.

- I hate that I came in three days late on this, but JemeHill and Scoop Jackson broke down the second round of playoff games for us. They also shared some "insights" as only they can provide insight. Remember, you and I are not basketball experts so though some of these "insights" may seem borderline retarded, they are in fact genius.

Question: The Magic went 6-3 this season against the Cavs, Celtics and Lakers. How do you evaluate their title chances right now?

Considering they are one of 8 teams left, I would say I give them a 12.5% chance of winning the NBA Title. I don't want to get too technical though.

Jemele Hill: I know what the regular-season records say, but there's something fishy about the Magic.

I know what the incredibly large and potentially accurate sample size of 82 games say................but I am going to ignore that and go with a "feeling" I have that could be undigested tacos or my stomach could be telling me the Magic are not that good.

When they make 3s, they're unstoppable. When they don't, they're prone to getting knocked out like Ricky Hatton.

Thanks, JemeHill. This statement can pretty much be true for every team in the NBA.

Scoop Jackson: Plus, it bothers me that too often -- and this goes back to the playoffs last year -- Dwight Howard can have big games and they'll still lose. Something's not right about that, and I'm not sure they know how to fix it.

Usually the reason that Dwight Howard is having a big game is because he is taking more shots, usually I would assume he is taking more shots because other players for the Magic aren't hitting their shots or he has a favorable matchup at center, and if other players for the Magic aren't scoring I would say that is greatly decreasing the Magic's chances of winning the game since Dwight Howard probably can't outscore the other team by himself.

I think the Magic do know how to fix this and that is to have other players score.

Question: Which second-round series will have you glued to your television set?

Jemele Hill: Celtics-Magic. These teams split their regular-season series. Just based off matchups, all indications point to a seven-gamer. Lots of intrigue here because both teams have serious questions that need to be answered. Do the Celtics have anything left? Are the Magic for real? Can the Celtics return to the Eastern Conference finals without Kevin Garnett?

Yes, clearly these are two flawed teams that have some major questions that need to be answered and it should be a good series. Let's watch JemeHill ruin any good will she has built up with me.

Plus, the winner of this series sets up a potentially terrific matchup with the Cavs (yes, I'm already putting them past Atlanta)

Almost there...So the Cavs are clearly the best team in the Eastern Conference because they had no trouble in the 1st round with the Pistons and will easily beat the Hawks? Sounds to me like they are the absolute favorites to win the Eastern Conference then...

since both teams are capable of beating Cleveland.

I get that the Magic were 6-3 against the Cavs, Celtics, and Lakers this year but I don't see the logic on how two flawed teams (according to JemeHill) could beat the Cavs when the Cavs have homecourt advantage, are 39-2 at home this year, and JemeHill doesn't expect them to be challenged in the first two rounds of the playoffs. I don't get how JemeHill can think the Cavs are so superior in the Eastern Conference they will breeze through the first two rounds but the Magic/Celtics (both flawed teams according to JemeHill) could beat them. Maybe I am dismissing the matchups between Orlando-Cleveland or Boston-Cleveland too easily, but I can't see how JemeHill thinks either team can beat Cleveland. Especially if she considers Cleveland superior to other teams and she has major questions about Boston/Orlando. It seems to me a team that breezes through the first two rounds should also breeze through two teams that have major questions. This is not the only time these two seem to contradict their previous opinions either.

Scoop Jackson: Boston-Orlando will be fun. Despite what I said earlier, the Magic have a shot to win.

Great analysis Scoop. Here's Scoop's previous statement:

They are inconsistent, too inconsistent to have faith they can win or challenge for the title. Not with teams like the Cavs, Lakers, Nuggets and Celtics still alive.

"Ignore what I said earlier about the Magic being too inconsistent to beat the Celtics, I have changed my mind in the past two minutes. I was wrong then...but I am not wrong now."

This is the high quality analysis you get at Be jealous other sports web sites.

Scoop Jackson: Jemele, just read my last column. Anyone that believes that the Rockets are better without T-Mac is as clueless as Stacey Dash.

Pop culture reference!

In the case of McGrady against the Lakers, the Rockets will miss his ability to counter Kobe's production, and they will miss his ability to win games with a single shot.

Oh yes, only Tracy McGrady can hit the magical 100 point shot during a game to singlehandedly win a game for the Rockets.

Also, these numbers in no way match Kobe Bryant's production this year. This is a big miss Scoop. Tracy McGrady is not Kobe Bryant. Scoop Jackson had jumped on the Houston Rockets train at the beginning of the year and I am afraid he has a trumped up opinion of their talents.

ESPN: Where Analysis Good Doesn't Happen

- FJMariotti covered this article yesterday which contained the wonderful Jeff Francouer quote:

"If on-base percentage is so important, then why don't they put it up on the scoreboard?" Francoeur says.

I thought this would be a great time to bust out with the Jeff Francouer article I have been saving for when he pissed me off. This man is absolutely clueless as to how to make adjustments at the plate and is just full of excuses. This is me Gregg Doyel-ing Jeff Francoeur.

It was a different Jeff Francoeur who took the field Wednesday for the first full-squad workout of 2009. He’s thinner. He has a new swing. Mostly he’s different because he bears a layer of scar tissue.

His OBP is now a hefty .303 up from .294 last year. Not to mention he has an OPS of a hefty .740. He's a changed man!

That said, nothing could have prepared Francoeur for the rancor directed his way by fans he believed had come to really, really like him.

How fucking naive can you be? It's not like the fans were going to like him no matter what the hell he did. The fans did not like him because he had a pretty smile or reminded them of their cousin. They liked him because he played the sport of baseball well and helped the team win games. When he stops doing that and actually contributes to losses, the fans don't like him anymore. I would like to see him play in New York for a season or two.

“In this day and age, it’s, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ and you’re always going to hear the negative,” Francoeur said. “But I was a lost dog for much of last season. I didn’t know how to handle it.”

Francouer could have handled it by actually learning to hit a baseball better and making adjustments at the plate instead of making excuses. He is a replacement level player. He's a great defensive right fielder but has no speed and strikes out twice as much as he walks this year...and that is an improvement over the previous years.

Recalling the demotion, Francoeur said: “It was a wakeup call. It made me mentally tough … People ask me about arbitration, and I say, ‘After what I went through last year, I can handle anything.’ ”

Well that is good, because all the the Braves organization wanted was to make sure Francoeur became a much tougher person, they had no interest in him actually earning his paycheck and hitting a baseball at a level that could compete with any normal AAA RF.

He didn't "go through" anything. He refused to make any adjustments to how he was being pitched, showed zero plate discipline, and overall did not want to take responsibility for any of this happening. He still doesn't.

Francouer also got a massive contract raise to $3.375 million for his worst season as a professional. You have to love the MLB arbitration system.

“I was bitter for a while,” he said Wednesday, “but last year was last year and that’s where I’m keeping it.”

I absolutely hate his attitude. He acts like others were doing this to him and he was not bringing his failure upon himself. He has the talent (I am actually starting to question this) but he doesn't have the will to make adjustments to how pitchers pitch him. His quote about OBP just further proves it to me.

That numbers tells how often you are on base, which is how a team scores runs, which is how a team wins games. That number is beyond important to a team's success.

He unleashed a familiar full-bore Frenchy smile. “Last year,” he said, “is a distant memory.”

Unfortunately there is still this year.

- I am with Pete Prisco. I don't see how signing Brett Favre makes the Vikings a better team. Brett Favre is not now and never was the type of quarterback you want for a team with a great defense and running game. He has too much "fun," which means too many interceptions and stupid passes.

I am not a Sage Rosenfels fan by any stretch of the imagination but I would even say at this point he is a better option than Brett Favre...especially since the Vikings have already traded a 4th round pick for him. I realize Favre played well for the first 11 games of last year, but he needs surgery that he has not had and he is creeping up on the age of 40. If signing Brett Favre is about selling tickets, the Vikings should just book better halftime shows or they should have signed Terrell Owens, which actually would have helped the team. If signing Brett Favre is about pissing off the Packers, they should have just made a bunch of jokes about cheese. If signing Brett Favre is about making the team better, I don't think it achieves that goal.

The Vikings are one good quarterback away from being a very good playoff team, but I just don't think Favre is that quarterback this year, and even if he is, what about next year?

I guess Brad Childress is not thinking about next year because he is too focused on keeping his job this year.

- This article about Bill Simmons is old but I still think it is relevant today. It probably speaks to what I think about his writing and where he used to be and where he is going as a writer better than any other column about him I have read. Granted, there haven't been too many articles written about him but I still find this one the best.

I do find it funny when you go to Bill's Twitter page the people who suscribe to his page are called "followers." That is absolutely perfect for him.

- I got through today without providing an A-Rod update. I wonder how many more days I could make it? I have some articles for tomorrow, none about A-Rod which is always good, I may have the final count on our "Easterbrook challenge" from last week as well...unless I forget to add them up, which is likely. I hope I gave us enough to comment on today...


AJ said...

Rockets record with T-Mac: 27-20

Rockets record w/out T-Mac: 26-9

Yes Scoop, it is pretty clear that the Rockets are better with T-Mac in the game, as supported by the records. What kind of idiot is he? Oh, how many playoff series has T-Mac's team won exactly? Zero? And did the Rockets just win a series...yes...hmmm this is a tough call.

Bill's new article on the Rockets-Lakers game and what he did all day was as stupid as always. He only gives us a running diary of the 4th quarter, yet says he watched the whole game. Doubtful. And why do I need a diary of just about every single play in the 4th? If i cared, or if anyone cared that much (which i doubt), they can go look it up on the recap of the game.

Thanks for the Hills recap though, I'm glad to hear people his age and his wifes age care so much about 21 year olds lives.

Francoeur just sounds like a huge baby. He thinks the only important stuff is the things they put on the scoreboard. OBP is on the scoreboard by the way, maybe not in some stadiums, but in others. And why does he watch the scoreboard anyway???? Keep your mind on the game and maybe you can perform better.

Based on his rules of importance, Miller Lite is the best tasting beer on the market. If Bud was so much better their name would be on the scoreboard instead!

Bengoodfella said...

I even searched for those numbers. How come I am too stupid to find things like this? I did not want to sound like I was an idiot but the Rockets did win a series without T-Mac but haven't won a series with him on the team.

I may cover Bill's column tomorrow, after everyone has read it when it is too late, but I still may do it. I just did not feel like picking on him today. I even have some non-nit picky things to discuss. I like dissecting his articles.

I can't stand watching the Hills because it is all so staged and completely scripted. Once you understand this fact, it all comes off like a horrible rip off of Gossip Girl or any other show like that.

Francouer is a massive baby and I have had way too much of his bullshit. He has never taken responsbility for how he performs. The problem goes back to HS when he was the golden child and then when he got to Atlanta he was the golden child as well. His Minor League numbers are similar to his Major League numbers, he is not getting any better. This year he adjusted his swing and we are getting only marked increases in his hitting prowess. I think we know what type of hitter he is and that is below average. I had to get my anger at him out of my system. Just feel lucky the Braves haven't traded him to the Tigers yet. I wish they would. I could go on and on about him.

His logic with that quote is just hysterical though isn't it?

Hey, at least the chances of the Lions winning more games next year increased if Favre signs with the Vikings.

AJ said...

The Tigers don't need another OF, you guys can keep him. His "I'm all about me" attitude wouldn't get him far in this city, just take a look at how AI turned out.

Well the Lions look to have a pretty good LB crew now that they signed Foote. Of course, I'm not sure what that means when they have no DL. And Farve has killed this team, I think he could be 80 years old and still beat the Lions.

Bengoodfella said...

Are you sure you don't want him? He smiles really pretty and the women will love him. The funny part is that he really doesn't think everything is about him, he just doesn't want anyone to tell him how to fix his swing or accept any idea that he may not be quite the player he thinks he is. He doesn't want to hear any criticism of his play.

His comment about OBP just shows me how out of touch he is. He needs to realize getting on base helps the team.

Larry Foote is a good LB to have and I really think the Lions have made good moves this offseason. Now whether the DL will be able to do anything this year and who the starting QB will be are my next questions. Things may be looking up.

Chris W said...

I would say that Favre is a pretty good option for the Vikes.

1.) Bernard Berrian has no problem getting open deep and even now, Favre is still great at throwing the deep ball with great touch

2.) When the Packers were good with Ahman Green, Favre operated well in a lower-risk reduced pass role.

I think that, inevitably, Favre is a better option for Minny than Rosenfels.

Of course, the fact that I even have to say that says a lot for how low Favre's career has sunk.


Bengoodfella said...

I have to disagree a little, simply based on the fact I don't think this is the best move for Minnesota after this year. I think this is a desperation move by the Vikings. Sure, he may be a better option than Rosenfels but he is also probably (hopefully to God) going to be retired in the next year or two. I know teams don't think like that though.

Granted, Favre did operate under a more ball control offense with Ahman Green but with him wanting to show everyone he can still play I can't seem him playing that conservatively. Maybe he will. He can't be as bad as he was at the end of last year.

Not to mention I am not convinced he is going to be healthy enough to play well this year. I know he still throws a great deep ball but last time I remember he did not get that shoulder surgery he needed, I would have to think that could impact him at some point. I think you are right in that the Vikings may be a good fit for Favre but I don't believe he is a good fit for them. They should quit putting a band-aid on the QB problem and just take care of it, but they refuse to do so.

Bengoodfella said...

I just want to give everyone a heads up that Bill Simmons is currently trying to become the GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves and is lobbying on Twitter for his readers to lobby the President of the 'Wolves on his behalf. I have written the following email to the President of the 'Wolves:

Dear Sir,

Bill Simmons, ESPN's Sports Guy, wants his readers to email you and lobby him as the GM of the Timberwolves. Please nip this in the bud as quickly as possible so as not to feed his ego. I am not a Timberwolves fan at all, I just grow tired of his articles where he believes he can run an actual NBA team simply because he is a fan. For God's sake please don't hire him and a press conference mocking his attempt to become an NBA GM would suffice to nip this in the bud (I am kidding about the press conference...kind of).



Here is the link to what the Boston Sports Guy is writing on his Twitter...he is absolutely serious and his ego is absolutely going crazy right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Simmons' twitter. Be careful Ben, because if he keeps posting there for long enough you are in danger of going insane. I now need to smoke a cigarette it got me so wound up.

Anonymous said...

we do get to see how bad the unedited Simmons is. Tonight he makes a totally tasteless joke about pedestrians getting run over in LA.

Bengoodfella said...

I like the links that he puts up because I can deal with those. He is slowly driving me insane with his insistence on lobbying for GM positions. He gave out the President of the Minnesota Timberwolves' email address so his fans could lobby for him as the GM. That in itself is not tasteless but just borderline delusional.

A joke about pedestrians getting run over isn't tasteless. That's just the Boston Sports Guy off the cuff. Talking with us like he does his friends. I mean people getting run over is hilarious stuff. See Artest and Wafer are angry black men, so it's funny if they run and kill people on the highway.

Not only does he need an ego check with this Timberwolves GM thing but I think I know why he "quit" Jimmy Kimmel's show.

The Casey said...

If the Timberwolves' President hires Bill Simmons because of a lot of email requests then he deserves what he gets.

Bengoodfella said...

I guess that is a good way to look at it. They deserve him if a grass roots vote got him the position.

AJ said...

Good game Manny! Please take your buddy Ortiz with you on the way out.

AJ said...

Oh i cant waittttt for Bill to write an article on this, but not refer to him using this PED while in Boston...oh i can hear the hypocrite now.

Jr. is looking better and better every passing day, every positive test.

Its time to start banning these guys for life, forget these 50 games stuff. You cheat, you're out. Simple, effective.

Bengoodfella said...

I spent all morning putting up a Bill Simmons related post. This is going to be all over the news and I can't wait to see Bill's reaction to this. I am going to write about Bill Simmons all week it feels like.