Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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I haven't done a three-for-one special in one day in a while, so I thought I would go ahead do one of those today. These articles didn't deserve one entire long, encyclopediac post so I thought I would wrap them into one neat little package of one post for the day.

1. Today I start it all off with Roy Williams (the UNC Tar Heels coach, not the wide receiver or the safety who play and semi-underachieve in the NFL) and his need to show the world what an asshole he can be. For just one minute he dropped his "aw shucks" demeanor and turned into the world class assassin and recruiter we know he really can be. Basically, he kicked a Presbyterian College fan out of a UNC Tar Heels basketball game because they heckled one of his players. How dare an opposing fan dare to cheer against the Tar Heels in the Dean Dome!

During the post-game press conference, Williams puts on his best shit-kicker car salesman smile and explains to reporters that he had the fan removed because he doesn't think that "anybody should yell anything negative at our players. Period."

Especially a fan of the opposing team who had the audacity to purchase a ticket in the crypt, I mean arena, that is the Dean Dome. How dare a Presbyterian College fan yell during free throw attempts! Doesn't this unruly person know that if he screams too loud he might wake up the wealthy UNC boosters who are trying to take a nap during the game? And what's with the yelling anyway, it's a basketball game, not a football game. Silence is appreciated in the Dean Dome at all times.

Here's a quick thought: You are the head coach of an NCAA basketball team. You are at home in a game against an opponent who is about as strong as an above average high school team. If you are able to hear one person in the crowd yelling against your team during the game then perhaps your home crowd should get a little bit more pumped up and make some noise. Shouldn't the home crowd be loud enough to where hecklers for the other team can't be heard? It's not this fan's fault he was cheering for Presbyterian College and no one was making noise when he yelled something non-abrasive. If the arena isn't loud enough, don't blame the heckler, blame the extremely quiet crowd that can't seem to get into the game sufficiently, no matter what the score of the game is or how many national championships the school has won.

One reporter continued to probe about what the fan said — "was it vulgar?" — but Roy just summarily disposed of the question and threatened to end the presser if there were anymore questions about it.

We all know my feelings towards UNC, but I like Roy Williams. He is a good, clean coach who recruits better than pretty much any modern day coach and generally seems like a good guy. He was nice to my fiance at a golf tournament a few years ago, so I won't burn his image in effigy. What irritates me though is that the media fails to see what a cutthroat asshole Roy Williams really can be. Coach K of Duke is seen as a guy who manipulates referees, curses too much and is just an overall evil guy. Mostly he is seen this way by opposing teams. Gary Williams is the guy who sweats a lot and can't recruit against teams like Georgetown and the rest of the Big East (not true) so he gets whoever he can for his team and works his magic. Sidney Lowe is the lazy head coach of the NC State Wolfpack who can't seem to recruit a team that plays together well, which is moderately true. Roy Williams is the nice guy coach who yells at his players just to make them better, is a marketer's dream come true because he is wholesome as white bread, and just wants to see his team succeed.

Outside of Sidney Lowe, Gary Williams and Coach K are seen as guys who are fairly cutthroat, but no one ever sees Roy Williams that way. This isn't true at all though. He can be a jerk and he does the "indignant anger" thing better than any other NCAA coach. This incident goes to show this. Roy Williams is clearly in the wrong, he basically kicked this person out of the game for not cheering for UNC which is (a) a very dictator-esque sort of thing to do and (b) incredibly rude to do to a person who was not unruly and had actually paid to watch the game. If this fan doesn't want to cheer for UNC, it's his seat and money, he doesn't have to.

Then to make matters worse, Roy Williams refuses to acknowledge he overreacted, acts like a 5 year old when he is even questioned about his actions and threatens to cancel the press conference if he is asked the question again. You know what? It's Roy's right to do that because he is the head coach, but this just goes to show me Roy Williams is a master at putting up a facade of genial kindness and will do anything to show he is in control of his program, including taking a "my way or the highway" approach to second guessing him. Roy has a temper and has a real problem with controlling it, yet we still see him as a gentle kind guy. We've seen him lose his temper before on national television.

Think about Bonnie Bernstein asking Roy Williams about the open UNC job after his Kansas team lost to Syracuse in the 2003 National Title game. He cursed at her and told her he didn't give a damn about that (the UNC) job, he was worried about his guys in the locker room. He acknowledged it wasn't her asking the question, but knew it was the guys in the control booth who wanted it asked, but he did take his anger out on her. Of course a few weeks later, the job he didn't give a damn about ended up being his new job and he has been quite successful at it. Roy Williams is not a bad guy, but he is just like every other coach of a great and successful NCAA basketball team and can be a real jerk. Sometimes the media forgets that.

Before I get done rambling about this, imagine if Coach K, Jim Calhoun or Bob Knight had done this. People would flip out about it. We would never hear the end of this story, but Roy is seen as a nice guy so even someone who follows NCAA basketball fairly closely like me only hears about this incident a couple days after it happens.

Let's see what horrible thing the fan said that drew the ire of Roy Williams:

According to one reader, the disruptive Presbyterian fan yelled — brace yourselves — "Don't miss, Deon!" when Deon Thompson was at the free-throw line.

Oh the horror! I can't imagine how Deon Thompson, a senior by the way, could take such verbal abuse. I could see if the fan had cursed or acted unruly the entire game, but that wasn't the case. I am not bashing or being down on Roy Williams, he is just like every other coach though I don't know if any other coach would have a fun removed for such a comment, but he always gets the reputation for being super nice even though this isn't true.

2. Jemele Hill doesn't think Tiger Woods should take a leave from golf.

This is a sucka move, Tiger.

Oh shit, JemeHill is talking urban talk. That's how you know she means business.

I can't believe you're running. Can't believe you've allowed these alleged mistresses and tabloids to run you off your job.

How dare you quit playing golf, as your wife reportedly asked you to, so that you could focus on your marriage. What a selfish bitch move...sucka.

But announcing Friday that you'll take an indefinite leave of absence from golf is, by far, your worst idea yet.

Porking cocktail waitresses, escorts, and pornstars that number in the double digits was not as bad an idea as temporarily stopping playing golf to undue some of the damage done? I just want to make sure I understand JemeHill's patented backwards-ass premise. I think I do get it.

If this was a scheme concocted by your handlers, get some new people. One of the reasons you're in this mess is because your handlers helped you craft an image that wasn't really you.

Tiger Woods should blame his handlers that he is marketable. They should have concocted an image for Tiger that included him screwing a pornstar in the backseat of a Buick or gotten a deal with Verizon to advertise for the new "Cheat Phone" which immediately erases all text messages, phone calls, and correspondence from select phone numbers. You know, to make it the more "real" Tiger the public sees in his commercials.

But if stepping away from golf is a calculated public relations stunt meant to generate some empathy, that means you've learned nothing from this entire ordeal.

Obviously Tiger is not subscribing to the Kobe Bryant school of making up with his wife after he cheats by purchasing her a massive diamond ring and looking really, really sorry. The media loves that so much more because they get to see the athlete grovel. Which is all they really want.

Based on her comments here, I don't know if JemeHill should ever be a public relations person for anyone in the world. EVER. She would somehow manage to be worse at PR than she can be at journalism.

Despite the clamoring for you to come clean -- a laughable idea, because it's as if people expect you to pass out a list containing the name of every woman you've had a sexual encounter with since getting married -- the only people you owe an apology to are Mrs. Woods and your business partners.

So JemeHill doesn't think Tiger Woods should come clean nor should he take some time off from golf to get his life back in order. JemeHill also believes it is not really the media's business who and what Tiger Woods is screwing...yet here she is, writing an entire article about Tiger Woods and giving him suggestions telling him what to do.

If you play, and especially if you win, it will remind people why they were drawn to you in the first place.

Distract the masses with golf! They are gullible and will believe absolutely anything you say. People are stupid JemeHill says. What JemeHill doesn't seem to recognize is that Tiger's wife wants him to take this sabbatical from golf...perhaps now is the time to listen to what she wants?

I know some of my media brethren are pretending you patented creepin', but a lot of people in this country can identify with your situation.

More urban talk, this means JemeHill means MORE business now. Her new advice: Be a role model to cheaters everywhere.

According to a recent Marist poll, seven out of 10 people think you should deal with your personal crisis privately.

I like how JemeHill quotes this statistic and then fails to realize taking a sabbatical from golf is Tiger Woods dealing with the personal crisis privately.

The best revenge is success.

"The best revenge?" Tiger is not the victim here. He is the person who did the victimizing...to his family...which he is now trying to rectify.

In other words, stop acting like a prisoner and behave more like a man who is truly ready to face his problems. Act like you're the face of golf.

Act like a pompous asshole. That will turn the tide your way in a heartbeat!

That way women will say, "Well he doesn't seem sorry because he is acting like he is the king of the world. I don't like him."

Men will say, "I can't like Tiger because my wife will kill me and he does seem like a sleaze."

Sponsors will give him the "We want him as our sponsor but he doesn't seem apologetic enough at this point, so best not touch him for a couple of years...then we will quietly give him a contract to sponsor our products" treatment.

Elin Woods will say, "I can't wait to divorce his ass and take 50% of everything, plus the kids."

Acting like he is the face of golf, showing his face in public before his wife wants him to, and being cocky doesn't seem to be the best move at this point. I'm not PR person, but neither is JemeHill.

Use this situation to your advantage. Your buddy Michael Jordan used any slight, no matter how small, to drive him. And this personal failing and the fallout from it should motivate you for the next decade.

Pretend you are a victim and delude yourself into believing the world is holding you down for your transgressions. More non-brilliant advice from JemeHill.

The people who disapprove of you because of that will still disapprove of you even if you save a child from a burning building tomorrow. And the people who love you are going to love you regardless.

Ever so untrue. Tiger will survive this if he acts contrite (which he has), shows he cares about his marriage (which he is trying to do), and kicks ass at golf when he comes back (not quite here yet). If Tiger tries to skip any of these steps, I don't know how this will work out for him. Many of his fans feel pretty let down right now...mostly because they are pathetic and for some reason thought he was a god, but that's a different story.

You wouldn't tell the public the whole truth anyway; and once again, the tabloids would have the upper hand.

The media is well-known for just accepting answers and not doing any research? When did this media show up in America and no one told me? I am only used to the media that hears an apology and then spends the next 2 weeks trying to poke holes in the apology.

Bottom line: JemeHill is wrong that Tiger is making a mistake by taking a sabbatical from golf.

3. Tracy "The Cowboy" Ringolsby thinks Edgar Martinez is the test case for DH's in the Hall of Fame.

Can Martinez speed up the process for the designated hitter?

I think the case of Edgar Martinez is not a case for Designated Hitters, but more of a case for borderline players who can get in. I don't think it really matters if Martinez was a DH or not, other than the fact the Hall of Fame electors can't take his defense into account when looking at his candidacy. I don't like the DH, simply because I am a National League guy, but I understand it's purpose for those that don't like to watch pitchers bat.

The validity of his candidacy will hinge on how dominant voters feel a one-dimensional player needs to have been.

I don't see how Edgar Martinez's case is any different than another player who may make the Hall of Fame but wasn't the strongest fielder in the world. Clearly a player being only a DH is a little bit different from a player who plays the field exceptionally poorly, but I see them as nearly the same thing in the long run. I don't think Edgar Martinez deserves to be in the Hall of Fame just based on merits unfortunately, he probably deserves to be in the hyperbolic "Hall of Very Good" in my mind. He was a great hitter but I am not sure he was one of the best hitters of all-time. As far as him being a DH for the majority of his career, that is probably going to hurt him in the minds of some voters.

A guy like Mike Piazza isn't going to be precluded from the Hall of Fame because he wasn't the strongest fielding catcher, under that similar premise I don't see how a guy who was a full-time DH could be not included in the Hall of Fame because he was a full-time DH.

One other thing and I do hate to bring this up...but Edgar Martinez did play right smack dab in the middle of the "Steroid Era" of baseball. I don't think this should be held against him because he never actually was accused or caught using any type of PED. Still, I like to keep this in mind.

Here is Martinez in the early 90's.

Here is Martinez towards the end of his career.

Obviously, I am not saying he used steroids, but it is pretty obvious he hit the weight room at some point during those years and PEDs were prevalent in baseball. I am not saying he used steroids, I am just saying we should think about these things.

While Martinez did have a career .312 average in more than 18 seasons with Seattle, will the fact he didn't come close to 3,000 hits (he had 2,247), 400 home runs (he had 309) nor 1,500 RBI (1,261) work against him?

Not specifically because of those numbers, I just don't know if Martinez deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. His numbers looked great, I just don't know if they were good enough to be in the Hall of Fame.

How voters respond to Martinez will create a baseline for future DH candidates.

That could happen, but I think the DH should be treated like every other player based on his numbers. The DH situation is not like the reliever situation in regards to whether each group should make the Hall of Fame. How many times is a power hitting player's defensive prowess even mentioned when talking about whether he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? The DH should still have Hall of Fame type numbers to make it based on the "older" criteria, while relievers sort of have "new" categories like saves being considered for their candidacy.

I don't think Martinez should be treated any differently than another borderline Hall of Fame candidate. No matter whether he is a DH or not, he should be inducted based on his merits. Should the prospective DH Hall of Fame candidates be held to a higher standard? Possibly, but I think regardless of whether he was a DH or not Edgar Martinez may not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Maybe I am showing some East Coast Bias, I don't know, but he was a great hitter...just probably not one of the best hitters of all-time in my mind.

Of course I am a Hall of Fame snob...


KentAllard said...

Dick move by Williams. You're right, if Bobby Knight had done the same thing, the talking heads would have been all over him. Although I imagine Knight doing nothing during the game, but after the blowout, seeking out the fan to yell "Fuck you!" in his face.

I like JemeHill's ideas. Tiger could call a press conference, say he's glad he banged all those women, give out a number to order his sex tape, and then say "I'm going to nail your woman, too. No fat chicks, though." He could be the Dennis Rodman of golf.

I don't follow baseball closely enough to have an intelligent opinion, but to an untrained eye, Martinez seems to be an excellent player who isn't HoF material. But, as I've said before, the Hall is so diluted, the only real prerequisite is that you played, and Martinez won't be the worst player to make it. And one day, when all the Keith Morelands and Bill Buckners are in, he won't look bad at all.

rich said...

I would love to see PK and JH do a roundtable. The sheer stupidity of the event would be PPV material.

So Tiger needs to "handle it privately" and doesn't "owe" anyone an apology except his family (I wholeheartedly agree), but then needs to become a massive prick?

MJ got away with his "me against the world" attitude because that's why people love MJ. People love(d) Woods because he had that down-to-earth-family-man aura. The worst thing Woods could do right now is come out and basically tell everyone to kiss his ass.

That and no one should tell him what to do, it's between him and his wife. If she says to stop playing golf and he decides he'd rather keep her around then play golf, that's his decision.

/beats dead horse

Go said...

Roy is such an arrogant prick. His whole act has always seemed fake. And how does he have the authority to do this? Can he do this when Duke comes to town? Why now? Why this time and not the thousands of other games? Fuck this guy. He doesn't want someone to criticize his players? How can someone who's coached in thousands of big-time games say this with a straight face and get away with it?

It's different with K. You see his firey nature when he's on the sideline. He's more upfront with who he is. K isn't a moody prick like Roy. Watch Roy's demeanor change drastically when Carolina has lost a few in a row. Sure everyone would be upset when their teams loses, but it's Roy's holier than thou attitude that pisses me off. I could never see K or Gary doing this (Gary would tell the guy to F' off). They're normal. They understand heckling comes with the job and could care less.

William's is a swarmy used car salesman. He smiles to your face but I guarantee behind the scenes he's a complete arrogant douchebag.

No sports issues pisses me off more than UNC basketball and Roy Williams. - End of rant

Chris W said...

It seems to me that the true test of a DH in the HOF isn't going to come when a guy who would be a borderline HOFer even if he played LF is up for ballot.

It's when a guy like Frank Thomas or Jim Thome who have no-doubt HOF stats but who played largely at DH come on the ballot.

The question with Edgar Martinez isn't "can a DH ever be in the HOF?" it's "how are voters going to handle a guy who' s aborderline case as a hitter who also contributed nothing on defense because he was a career DH?"

Bengoodfella said...

Bob Knight probably would have actually attempted to run the fan out of the arena himself. I would actually pay to see this. Of course Knight also understands that heckling goes on.

JemeHill's ideas are great if Tiger wants to try and ruin his image in certain ways. I don't see how stepping back from golf is a bad thing for him, especially if he is committed to making it up to his wife. If he isn't committed to what she wants him to do, hell yeah, go play golf.

Martinez is a "B+" in my mind when you have to be an "A" to make the Hall of Fame. I would be interested to hear from a Mariners fan about this because maybe he/she could put up a good fight for Edgar I am not aware of.

Exactly Rich, the public persona of MJ was a guy who hates to lose and was a killer on the court. That's why he didn't do that many "warm and fuzzy" commercials when he was playing. Even now in the Hanes commercials with Charlie Sheen he is a dick to Sheen. Tiger Woods doesn't have that problem because people want to see him be wholesome, so I don't know if the MJ book of public image rehab is the best way to go.

I think I am done with the Tiger stuff...

Go, I am glad you chimed in since you are a Maryland fan. I don't hate Roy Williams but he is a guy who doesn't seem like a dickhead but he can really be that way. I don't mind it, I just think he gets a pass as a good ol' boy. This was a bitch move by him. Sure he can do what he wants because he is the face of UNC hoops but to kick out a person who is barely heckling a player...come on, you can do better than that.

That's the thing about Roy Williams I think. He wants to be liked and he wants to be the best team in the country and have no one hate him or them. He really sort of gets it also. Duke fans are really the only ones who supposedly hate Roy, but I know that's not true.

I have respect for Williams because he kicks everyone's ass at recruiting, but can we really believe a guy like that is nice and smiley all the time and is just an overall nice guy. He sells that image but that's not what he really is. Again, I respect him though.

Coach K is a dick and there are times I wish he would shut up about some things and focus on winning basketball games. I think that is why Gary Williams and Coach K have such critics because it is easy to hate them because their personality is what it is. I am shocked that Roy hasn't gotten beaten down by commentators for kicking this guy out of the arena. I really am.

Chris, I agree with you on that. I don't think Edgar is a clear cut HoF candidate either. This isn't a "DH HoF case" but instead is a "borderline hitter" case, much like Dave Parker and many other hitters. I think the real test case is going to be Frank Thomas and I think he will get in no matter if he was a DH or not for most of his career.

Martin F. said...

Chris I think nailed it. Frank Thomas is a HoF guy who spent most of his time at DH. One could make an argument that a pure DH would need to be more dominant than a regular player, but the position is so ingrained now, that I don't think it's an issue. It's only in a case of a Martinez borderline candidate, who has no defensive boost, and somehow in 18 seasons didn't hit any of the magic batter numbers, that playing DH is going to hurt him.

He played in a great hitters park, in a time of PED's, a juiced baseball, smaller parks and the dilution of pitching staffs from expansion. He was a really good hitter with high on base. To me he falls just short, but if he makes it, I have no problems. He sort of falls into that Albert Belle category for me. Both are far more deserving then Jim Rice every will be

Bengoodfella said...

Martin, I think both you and Chris are right. I was a little taken back by the article because it was framed from the perspective that the DH would hurt Martinez and I thought it should have been framed as "does Edgar Martinez even deserve to make the HoF if he was a 3B his entire career?"

I think Martinez falls short. I don't know if I would mind if he made it or not. I wasn't a huge fan of Jim Rice making it. I think if Rice made it then that opened up the flood gates for other worthy candidates who I don't think should make it.

I think a guy who is a full-time DH and puts up great offensive numbers is a guy who should be in the HoF. If we can specialize pitching to let closers in based in, then we can let great hitting DH's in.

Chris W said...

I don't think we have to worry about "The floodgates opening." I think Bill James disppelled that mentality saying that the backlog of borderline people is going to only grow and it's not like they're going to start inducting 5-6 people a year. People are going to worry that letting Rice in will let Dawson and Murphy (although I think Murphy belongs and I bet you do too, Ben, as a Braves fan) in. But in reality we're gonna get a bunch of people each year who "could" be in--guys like Martinez and Barry Larkin and Fred McGriff. You get like 3-4 of those guys a year, PLUS the guys who are already there (the Blyleven, Raines, Morris, Trammel, Mattingly blah blah blah) who people argue for, PLUS you have 1-2 guys each year who are no doubt HOFers, like Alomar. I don't think the floodgates are ever gonna open.

Bengoodfella said...

Chris, I really hope the floodgates will not just open up. I just don't want to go through the Hall of Fame and look at someone's plaque and think, "how did he make it in here?"

To be honest Chris, I actually do not think Dale Murphy should be in the Hall of Fame. I am sure if someone laid out a convincing argument I haven't heard I could be persuaded given the fact he was my baseball idol growing up and I named nearly every goldfish I owned as a child after him. I just don't know if he should make it.

That's a good argument you make for why the floodgates will never open. I don't think Mattingly deserves to be in the HoF, nor does Dawson, but I think if Jim Rice gets in then you have to look at those guys in my mind. Blyleven, Alomar (no doubt), and I think McGriff should get serious consideration...though McGriff may have just accumulated stats, he was so good for so long in both the AL and NL, which I think is going to help him.

It would be weird for me personally if McGriff got in and Murphy didn't though. Absent the floodgates opening, I still don't think E. Martinez should make it.

AJ said...

What I don't get with people arguing about the DH is what if these people actually played defense, but sucked at it? You don't always make your team better by playing defense, you actually make it better without playing it. The DH is there for a reason, and when determining a HoF player you can no longer take into account what he didn't do on defense.

I mean you have players in the HoF based purley on their defense, with a little hitting (Ozzie). So why not the other way around?

And Im not sure what you are talking about, showing us those pictures of Martinez. Its not like he played on any teams with known/accused steriod users! (ARod, Boone, Cameron, Henderson...)

Chris W said...

One interesting thing about the DH is this:

The HOF pays lip service to this idea that well-rounded players are the best. But well-rounded players almost always are left out in the cold if all they are is very very good at everything. What the HOF really wants are players who are amazing at one or two things.

For instance, Ozzie Smith was fairly well rounded but he had no power and wasn't great for average. But he was an incredible fielder. That's what gets you in the HOF. Hank Greenberg was a lousy fielder and I'm sure he wasn't much of a baserunner. But he was an amazing hitter and hit for amazing power.

Meanwhile you have guys like Alan Trammell, Bobby Grich, and Will Clark--guys who were not amazing at any one thing, but could do it all, and do it all at an all-star level. These guys never get support. The guys who can "do it all" and are in the HOF: Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr when he's eligible--these guys aren't really in because they can "do it all". They're in because they could do it all, plus they would be in if all they could do is hit.

So all this lip service about the DH not being a complete position is silly. If Edgar Martinez played the world's worst 3B and hit 500 HR he'd be in. Hell, he'd probably be in with the numbers he has right now.

In any case, I think sabrmetrically inclined people have made the argument that he's the best middle-of-the-lineup hitter not in the HOF (Raines being the best overall hitter). But frankly, it's not gonna bother me when Edgar doesn't get in.

AJ said...

Thats basically what I was trying to say, what Chris said.

The true case for the DH will be Thome. There is really no good reason he shouldn't be a first ballot HoFer...and if he's not, then we still know people discount the DH.

Bengoodfella said...

AJ and Chris, I like both of your points. I actually originally wrote a post about Martinez on Saturday, but lost it and didn't have the energy to write as much this time. My basic point was that Martinez was a great hitter, but if he was playing 3B his entire career and stunk at it, no one would take this into account. How many people bring up the fact Chipper Jones seems like a butcher at 3B and he looked lost in LF when talking about his HoF credentials? No one. It's all about his hitting.

One of the reasons I have given up on the HoF in baseball in some respects is that they do focus on players who excelled at a couple things but were weaker in some areas...like Ozzie Smith. I hate the fact he is in the HoF. I can't lie. He was a great fielder, but I just can't accept the fact he was one of the greatest MLB players of all-time. I just can't do it. I am not saying he doesn't deserve it but he couldn't hit very well for average or power. He gets in for his fielding, but like Chris said, someone like Dale Murphy doesn't even get a sniff because he didn't excel at one thing in particular.

Chris is exactly right that the Hall prefers players who are really good at a couple of things and that makes them HoF players in that respect. The real DH test will come when a player who would make it in if he were a full-time position player...like Thomas/Thome. I don't think Edgar makes it in my mind and if he doesn't, it's not because he was a DH.

AJ, look at that Mariners team right? I am not saying Martinez used but when you are on a team with A-Rod (pre-steroids supposedly) and Bret Boone, I will at least keep an eye on you. Unfortunately everyone is a suspect for steroids but that's a different story.

Go said...

"Duke fans are really the only ones who supposedly hate Roy, but I know that's not true."

Like I said a few months ago, the newest MD fans (less than 20 years of rooting for UMD) have K and Duke as their biggest rival due to the MD-Duke games that took place then. I miss that rivalry so much. The older ones have, and always will, despise UNC over any team in the country. And I'm sure NCSU fans would say the same.

It's been extremely painful watching UNC dominate these last five years. I miss the days they would always choke somewhere in the tourney. And I miss this http://tarheelblue.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/recaps/010902aaa.html

Roy reminds me of Phil Jackson. They both are the best at acquiring players and managing a team, but maybe not the best at in-game coaching. K used to be the best in-game coach. Recently I don't know what's happened. It's probably not him, but the lack of a dominant center like Brand, Dang, Boozer, Laettner, Abdu-Nobi, Parks & Meeks (just kidding). Also he's allowed certain players, like Reddick, to shoot way too many deep threes.
Gary's just an abysmal recruiter./

Bengoodfella said...

Go, I gotcha. I just think that everyone despises Duke because I am in that generation who sees them as rivals. I personally think everyone should hate Carolina but that's just my biased opinion. I just don't feel the hate, but of course I live in an area where probably 75% of the people are UNC fans.

I miss the tourney choking as well. It's awful sad it doesn't happen anymore. I miss Matt Doherty.

Roy is a great recruiter and manager of players. I do question his in-game tactics sometimes but he wins games so it doesn't matter that much. Coach K is not really up there anymore with the in-game adjustments, though I am sure there are people who will tell you it is because of his personnel...which goes back to him needing recruit better.

I always get tired of hearing about how he has to change his offense and the way he coaches for his players, like he didn't recruit these guys and pretty much choose the team. It's like he gets credit for recruiting players who don't fit the system he likes.

That Redick/Williams team just stood around and watched them. The fact that team didn't make the Final Four is on the coaching staff. They should have not had the team rely so much on the stars.

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