Friday, January 28, 2011

4 comments BotB Podcast #5

It's Baseball HoF time again. In this week's episode we are creating the greatest 9 man baseball roster ever to be assembled because the HoF has yet to do so.


Jake said...

Good stuff. It's funny you picked Ernie Banks as best shortstop of all time since A-Rod might not go in as one, but Banks is actually in the Hall as a first baseman.

Dylan said...


I had no idea about Banks HoF position. I just assumed it was SS. Taking that into consideration, it definitely muddles the best SS ever pick. I'll stick with Ernie though.

Regardin A-Rod, I am very curious as to what position he goes in as (if he gets in at all). If he stays at SS, he's without question the best ever. In all honestly, I think a player should go in at their natural position, not necessarily the one they played the most. Unless of course someone is a "natural" 1B but plays LF his entire career. If its close, go with what the guy should have been. In A-Rod's case, that should have been SS. As we all know, he only got moved over because Jeter was entrenched at SS for the Yanks already.

Jake said...

I think the hall just automatically picks which position you played more games at. Banks had barely 100 more games at 1B than ss. Musial is also technically a 1B too. So I do agree Rodriguez is probably the best SS of all time, but I imagine by the end of his career he'll be a 3B in the halls eyes. It's not how I would do it, but whatever.

Bengoodfella said...

Jake, I didn't know that either. I, like Dylan, haven't ever really paid attention to what position a player goes in the HoF as. I probably should. Blyleven went in as a pitcher right?

That was a joke.

I think A-Rod will probably get in, barring any more PED trouble, and knowing what Banks went in as, I would say he will probably go in as a 3B. I still think of him as a SS for some reason though.

I didn't know Banks played 1B that much.