Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 comments Winners and Losers from Game 1

So the Heat won and the Mavs lost. Pretty simple. But if you watched the game closely, some other winners and losers definitely slid into the conversation. So here’s to you, unsung heroes. And losers, try again in Game 2.


NBA Fans: The first game time commercial break wasn’t until the 5:30 mark of the 1st quarter. An impressive feat considering the monumental commercial-fest that usually ruins any semblance of momentum or flow that the NBA Finals attempts to find.

Juwan Howard: For getting in the game! And he grabbed an offensive rebound! I have to stop now before I blow a gasket.

Erik Spolestra: Midway through the first quarter, ABC simultaneously played an interview with Spoelstra and the first quarter action. For those of you paying close attention, you may have noticed that Spoelstra had stubble, as if he were trying to grow a beard. So kudos to you, Mr. Spoelstra, for hitting puberty.

Mike Miller: For exceeding the previously established gear maximum (known as the Allen Iverson line). Miller’s repetoire included an entire left arm sleeve (up through the shoulder), right wrist band, two knee braces, thumb braces on both hands, right forearm sweat band and last but not least, high socks. He was only missing a headband, neck brace and eye-black.

The Rim: For wagging its Dikembe finger at Jason Terry in the second quarter and Brendan Haywood in the third. The best part? Haywood’s fiasco came right after Van Gundy praised him as an “NBA starter.”

Rick Carlisle: For switching to zone in the second quarter. It completely stifled Miami’s attack and reenergized the Mavs.

Miami’s Crowd: For showing up before halftime! And they actually made noise! I’m getting too excited again.

Doris Burke: For wearing the craziest silver blazer of all time. It was glistening.

Doris Burke’s microphone: I can’t even describe it. It had a moving, flag-like screen on it. Totally unnecessary, but totally enjoyed.

LeBron James’ Three Ball: Four of five from distance, including an NBA 2K11 style fadeaway from the right side. Although he needs to work on his celebrations.

Dwyane Wade: For actually showing up in the 4th and secretly padding all his stats when the game was already over.

Mike Breen: For having a coronary after the LeBron James and one dunk in the 4th quarter. Who knew he could react with something other than “BANG!”

NBA Camera Crew: For zooming in on a fat guy celebrating after the Wade to LeBron alley-oop near the end of the game. You would think they would choose a hot girl, but no.


Mike Bibby, Joel Anthony: For being the only players on the team with a negative plus/minus. But a bigger shoutout goes to Bibby for relocating to brick city. It’s always sad when a player’s only role is to hit shots, but he doesn’t hit any.

Erik Spoelstra: For continuing to play Mike Bibby. Chalmers should start, coach. He’s just as good a shooter, a better ballhandler and defender and more athletic. And Miami’s best lineup doesn’t even feature a point guard, so why use two?

NBA Fans: Because only 33 points were scored in the first quarter. Good thing the Heat and Mavs showed up at the same time as the crowd.

Jason Terry, Brendan Haywood: See “The Rim.”

Rick Carlisle’s hair: They say that stress causes hair loss. Well Rick Carlisle is under a lot of stress.

Peja Stojakovic: For a) combing his hair for the NBA Finals b) using the combover to hide his receding hairline c) for not scoring a point.

J.J. Barea: For being equally awful. But everything is forgiven because he’s dating a Miss Universe.

Mavs’ offense: For scoring 19 points in 18 minutes after the 7-0 run to begin the half. I know Miami’s defense is suffocating, but I wasn’t aware that the Mavs started five Tyson Chandlers.

Quotes of the game:

Mike Breen: “J.J. Barea still has trouble getting into arenas; security doesn’t believe that he’s a player.”

Jeff Van Gundy: (After LeBron bulldozed Tyson Chandler in the 1st quarter and no foul was called.) It’s a good non-call if your Tyson Chandler’s chest. It just got concaved.”


Bengoodfella said...

You forgot the biggest loser: Dallas as a team and the world as a whole. I need a Mavericks victory. It is a year too early for a LeBron James championship.

The Heat didn't play extraordinarily well and they won the game. Dirk is hurt and I just hope for Dallas' sake they bounce back tonight.