Friday, February 9, 2018

4 comments The Legacy of Jeff Fisher is Encapsulated in This Very Column; Sportswriters with Good Intentions Making Excuses for His Mediocrity

I have come back to vanquish my foe, Jeff Fisher. Apparently he is my foe. It's not that I dislike Jeff "8-8" Fisher*, it's that I grow weary of his friends/future colleagues in the media who have made excuses and reason out why he has been overly mediocre for most of the latter stages of his coaching career.

*You know I've been ranting about Fisher for a long time since his nickname to me is "8-8" and not "7-9." His teams going 8-8 are his legacy with the Titans and now it's been updated to "7-9" after his stint with the Rams.

So Dan Pompei wrote a column, and it IS well-written prose, about Jeff Fisher and his complicated legacy while making excuses for Fisher. At this point, even Peter King has kind of given up doing Marvin Demoff's bidding for Fisher. Fisher had to overcome things while he was a head coach. It's not like ALL NFL COACHES HAVE TO OVERCOME ADVERSITY TO BE SUCCESSFUL. But the media-driven narratives to help Fisher's legacy out try to make Fisher an outlier in order to give the perception he got such a bad break. It's not true. Stop making his mediocrity and inability to succeed with the Rams more than it is. He's just not a great head coach anymore. I spoke about this Dan Pompei column on Twitter and then got motivated to do more writing, so here we are.

During the media-driven negotiations (where guys like Peter King drummed up a standoff between the Dolphins and Rams in order to jack Fisher's price up), Pompei was used as a negotiating tool as well.