Sunday, July 5, 2009

8 comments RIP. Air McNair

Thats it. Truly a tragic thing that happened over the weekend. I remember watching the 99 superbowl thinking the titans were going to get blown out by the "greatest show on turf", but goddamn, they put up a hell of a fight, ending on the rams 1 yard line.

A moment of silence for Steve McNair: One of the toughest quarterbacks to play the game.

Too bad Peter King is on vacation, because I was really looking forward to Ben tearing his column a new asshole when he compared McNairs toughness to Farves. There isnt even a comparison.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.


Martin said...

Gotta agree. Toughest QB I know of. Still bothers me to this day how the Titans handled his last days with the team.

Fred Trigger said...

you mean when they locked him out of training camp? I know its a business, but why not at least release him, or something, instead of him reporting to training camp and looking like an asshole because he cant participate.

Bengoodfella said...

I am glad you did this Fred. I thought about doing something like this. I always had a lot of respect for Steve McNair. What always pissed me off was that everyone talked about Mike Vick and Vince Young as the new prototype "running quarterback" who could also throw the ball, and those guys did have certain skills others did not, but people really tended to forget that McNair was really the first true running quarterback who could also throw.

He wasn't the greatest runner in the world and he wasn't the greatest passer (ok, he was actually pretty good at both) but he was one of the first who could do both very well. I was so shocked he was killed, it just seemed so crazy.

Fred Trigger said...

I think KSK said it best:

"Had you not already retired, we’re sure you could play through this one, too."

I really hope he doesnt get dragged through the mud with the 20 year old girlfriend thing, because that would be a shame. The guy did so much for charity and I know it doesnt make it right but, name me one pro athelete that doesnt cheat on his wife. They are like rockstars, its going to happen.

He was an amazing athlete. Its funny that him and Eddie George were on the same team, because those mofos would play through anything.

RuleBook said...

I live in Titans country, and while my heart is with my Cowboys, I have always loved McNair. I am still in utter shock, and as someone who watched practically every Titans game he played in, I can tell you the stories of his toughness are understated. The man was a beast. I've also gotta say, if there is one football player that was going to die in this way, McNair would have been the last person I would have ever imagined. He was so classy. I'm still in mourning.

Bengoodfella said...

I don't usually say nice things about people just to be nice, even if they are dead...I am jerk that way...but McNair was so tough and more importantly he was a great person. He was everything that Vince Young is not.

Regardless of he was with and the relationship he had with the person he did not deserve to die as punishment.

The CBS affiliate here showed a lot of Titans games and even though he retired last year I still missed watching him play.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say something snarky and cynical about McNair and all the fawning but I have to agree with everyone here...Whatever transpired in his personal life had nothing to do with his prowess on the field. Time and again, he made timely plays, fought through pain and represented a lot of what was right with the league. I can do without the dripping platitudes from some but this is about simple football watching enjoyment that he gave me.

RIP Air McNair

Martin said...

Totally agree with Sean. I don't need the over the top "Greatest Guy Who Ever Lived" kinda things. Loved watching teh guy play, he was tough as hell, he left it all on the field, good or bad.

As KSK said...shoulda been you Favre.