Sunday, October 31, 2010

4 comments ...And From the Heavens Came a Tebow To Rescue Us All From the Sin of Losing

It's that time of the week again. It's time for a Denver columnist to suggest that the Broncos start Tim Tebow. I will apparently be writing about this continuously until it stops...and it must stop at some point. This time it is Mark Kiszla, and not Woody Paige (who seems to have learned that Orton should and will be the starter), who suggests this desperate move.

The title of this article is "McDaniels' Last Salvation--Tebow," which buys into the whole "Tebow is a Christian" theme where there seems to be an almost Christ-like adoration from those who write about him. I can't help but laugh at the use of the word "salvation" regarding Tebow becoming the starter. The use of semi-religious imagery when talking about Tebow is great in my book (by "great" I mean "slightly nauseating).

Kyle Orton is done as the Broncos' quarterback. He just doesn't know it yet. So what's the hang-up getting the Tim Tebow era started?

That small little detail that Tebow doesn't seem to be ready to be the starting quarterback of an NFL team yet. There is also the detail that Kyle Orton hasn't been the reason the Broncos have been losing games. The Broncos defense has given up 24, 14, 27, 20, 31, 24, and 59 points this year. They have won two games. I will let you guess which games they won based on the points they gave up.

(Spoiler alert: It's the two smallest numbers: 14 and 20)

As bad as the Broncos have been so far, the leader in their division is 4-2 and there doesn't seem to be an extraordinary strong team in the division. The division is still there for the taking. Sure, it will take some work, but it could be had. Orton is worth much more as a starter right now and Tebow will learn much more not being on the field right now as well.

Coach Josh McDaniels doesn't have the guts to tell his players their NFL season is dead.

NFL players aren't stupid, they would know if the season was over. So they know, they don't need a sports columnist telling them this. Putting Tebow in the game wouldn't do anything to make the players think the season is not over.

Good heavens, can Tebow save us from this mess?

He uses the word "heavens" when talking about Tebow. Every column pertaining to Tebow is like an allegory.

The humiliation of a 59-14 loss to Oakland will forever be stamped like an "L" on the forehead of Orton so long as he wears a Broncos uniform.

There's no bouncing back from this? Much like when the Cardinals got beat 47-7 by the Patriots in December 2008. Kurt Warner immediately went home and committed suicide...wait, no that's not right. The Cardinals recovered a few weeks later ended up going to, and almost winning the Super Bowl. So yes, there is no recovery from this loss if you want to be a drama queen about it.

It is not Kyle Orton's fault the defense gave up 59 points. He threw one interception. He could not have been able to keep pace with an offense that scores 59 points. Anyway, the Kyle Orton era is over because the Broncos defense sucks.

This defeat will leave a scar on true blue Broncomaniacs, and the rout was on from the instant Orton threw a pick-six that staked the Raiders to a two-touchdown lead before Denver could run its second offensive play from scrimmage.

Clearly, it is Orton's fault then. He gave up one of those pick-six's that results in the other team scoring 52 points for one interception. Notice the Broncos were already down 7 points when he threw this back-breaking did the other 45 points get scored? Is that Orton's fault too? Why do I get the feeling if Tebow was the QB then this article would be about how bad the defense was and how they let Tebow down by not supporting him?

His role is as a gimmick. That should not be the role of a first- round draft choice on a losing NFL team.

This statement leads to two conclusions:

1. The Broncos coaching staff has no clue how to evaluate quarterbacks by not knowing Tebow would play well while on the field.

2. Tim Tebow is not ready to be on the field as a starting quarterback.

Only Tebow can save McDaniels now.

Tebow can "save" McDaniels. He is EXACTLY like Jesus Christ, just much better looking and with bigger biceps.

But here's the tricky part: If Tebow can't play, then McDaniels is done in Denver.

Here's the really, really tricky part: What???

We won't know if Tebow can play for at least another season or two. How is this such a difficult concept to grasp? McDaniels may be done in Denver, but even if Tebow came out and looked good, if the defense isn't holding up its end of the deal then McDaniels still gets fired. It's like zero Denver-based sportswriters can understand this. Tebow was a first round pick, but he isn't ready to start right now. He may turn out to be a great quarterback, but it is going to take time to find out for sure. So it is borderline retarded (and I don't mean to insult any mentally handicapped people by comparing them to what Mark Kiszla is writing) to think if Tebow can't play THIS YEAR then he is a bust and McDaniels should be fired based on this.

McDaniels could have given the die-hards one reason to cheer by inserting Tebow at quarterback. McDaniels never made the move. Stubborn and stupid is no way to go through life.

Stupid and wrong is much more preferable to Kiszla.

"That's not really the time that I'd want (Tebow) to get work," said McDaniels, explaining why Orton played to the bitter end, at a time when the only dramatic thing Orton could have done was get injured during the final minutes of a blowout.

It sounds a little bit like Kiszla was hoping for Kyle Orton to get injured. If so, that's not cool at all.

What hope does McDaniels have to sell to franchise owner Pat Bowlen or all those people who bought No. 15 jerseys after Tebow was drafted?

It has not even been 7 months since Tebow was drafted. Give Tebow more time. Josh McDaniels is paid to win football games, not make the fan base happy by allowing the players the fans want to see in the game. If McDaniels panders to the fan base then he should just go ahead and fire himself. It doesn't matter how many jerseys with No. 15 on them were bought if Tebow isn't ready to be an NFL starting quarterback. That's the bottom line. Pander to the fan base and get fired. Make smart football decisions and you could still have a job.

I know what you are asking yourself? What does Peter King think about all of this? Peter was asked about whether the Broncos should switch QB's in his MMQB mailbag and he said:

If Orton is benched anytime soon, McDaniels should be fired. I believe his job is safe after the season unless he has a few more Sundays like the one he just had. Re the D, I think the losses of Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers have been debilitating.

This is coming from a Grade-A Tebow lover. Peter has been on record as saying he thinks Tebow appears to have a bright future in Denver. He also knows it wasn't Orton's fault the game ended up the way it did.

Although they have a flight scheduled to London, the Broncos aren't going anywhere this season.

Seriously, this was a sentence in this column. The Denver Post's editors have essentially given up by now, between editing crap like this and Woody Paige's columns.

Finishing 8-8 would be a major accomplishment. So why not let Tebow actually throw his first NFL pass or start his first league game?

Because 8-8 could win the division. I don't see the logic that because the Broncos are struggling they should put their second best quarterback in the game. Mark Kiszla is talking about sending messages to the team, what kind of message does that send to the defense? Does he believe they will try harder if Tebow is out there? Does he has some inspirational skills that will help the defense play better?

"Hey, I know you guys have been struggling defensively, but I am going to make your job a little bit harder. Don't bother thanking me, that look of disgust is thanks enough."

After a great showing in September, Orton has completed a pathetic 41 percent of his passes for an average of barely 200 yards per game in consecutive losses to the New York Jets and Raiders that have ripped the heart from Denver's will to win

This is shitty journalism at its best/worst. The Broncos offense had 5 turnovers in those two games. They had 8 fumbles in the game and lost 4 of them. The team around the quarterback position was bad as well in both games. Orton threw one interception and put up 20 points against the Jets. He could have played better in that game, but it is not just his fault the Broncos lost. The game against the Raiders is in no way his fault because the Raiders scored 59 points on the Broncos. That's not on Orton.

As soon as McDaniels gives a start to Tebow, the coach basically informs 37-year-old safety Brian Dawkins and 34-year-old nose tackle Jamal Williams the Broncos are playing for a future in which it's impossible to imagine how they fit in.

And this would be a good thing for the Broncos? So the solution to the problem is to insert Tebow as the starting quarterback so the offense can regress and the defense can become demoralized?

Go with Tebow as the starter, and Bailey might be glad Denver pulled that offer of a contract extension from the table, so the veteran cornerback can find a franchise closer to championship contention as a free agent.

We all know chasing away somewhat quality defensive players is the key to creating a successful team. Champ Bailey isn't stupid. He knows if this Broncos team is going anywhere or not. He doesn't need Tebow starting to tell him this. He is a free agent after this year, so he doesn't need a sign from the Broncos to find a franchise closer to winning a championship, he can do that on his own in a couple of months.

As soon as Denver starts Tebow at quarterback, the clock starts ticking on McDaniels' last chance to show he is competent at building and coaching a successful NFL franchise.

This logic may be correct, so why would McDaniels put Tebow out there if he isn't ready to be out there? This is a better argument to keep Tebow on the bench, yet somehow Kiszla sees it as a reason to start him.

Sooner rather than later, the lone way McDaniels can silence the booing of Broncomaniacs directed at him will be to send Tebow marching into the Denver huddle.

If Pat Bowlen bases his coaching decisions on who the fans want to see coaching the team then this franchise is destined for failure. What will happen is Tebow will get sent out to start a game, he will probably not be incredibly impressive and then the fans will hate McDaniels anyway because he is a quarterback coach who can't coach quarterbacks. I can already see the article getting written with this very sentence in it.

The Broncos are in a shit-load of trouble if they lose another game, but the latest loss was not the fault of Kyle Orton because he doesn't play defense. If Tebow is ready to start, then absolutely start him, but Orton has shown himself to be competent enough at this point and the Broncos probably should not be making changes this early in the season that indicates they have given up on the season. Everyone seems to believe Tebow is the answer to all that ails the Broncos. I actually want him to play 2-3 games just to show them perhaps they are wrong.


Anonymous said...

After the Oakland game Woody Paige said, on his espn show, that Tebow should start. So he's back to waiting for the second comming.

Bengoodfella said...

Anon, I can't believe I missed this! They can't be serious. The whole idea of putting Tebow in so the rest of the team can look past this year is ridiculous.

KentAllard said...

Orton has played pretty poorly defensively. Comparatively, did you see Aaron Rodgers shut out the Jets? That was some great defensive quarterbackin'.

(The above was sarcasm, BTW)

Bengoodfella said...

Aaron Rodgers plays a bad-ass linebacker, doesn't he?

I am not a Kyle Orton fan at all. He's just a competent quarterback. He went 28 for 40 yesterday with 369 passing yards. The defense gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter to Troy Smith. It shows how terrible on defense Orton is and how much he is dragging that team down.