Friday, February 25, 2011

2 comments BotB Podcast #9

In this week's podcast, Ben and I somewhat break down/analyze/make tangentially related comments about all the deadlines deals. Cam Newton and the NFL Draft also make their appearance. We'd also like to apologize for not discussing mascots as we promised at the end of last week's podcast. Not that anyone wanted to hear that discussion, but I'm going to apologize nonetheless.


Matt said...

ya know, i thought murray was starting to figure it out towards the end of last baseball season. i guess not. he's rejuvinated in his quest to sound like the biggest idiot in the world.

my 10 year old step-daughter could understand the folly of his argument. it's borderline autistic how murray cannot understand this very basic concept.

as for other baseball chatters, i'll look around, but i read dave cameron's chat's on fangraphs weekly. he's a very smart guy but his chats are interesting to pick apart. he's very smarmy and condescending, probably the result of LUIB NELUG disease (Locked Up In Basement, Not Enough Light Under Ground).

Bengoodfella said...

Matt, I don't know if I can tear apart Dave Cameron or not if he is smarter than me. I will bookmark him though. Thanks. I will look at his chats though, he can't be perfect and if he is an asshole then that makes it much more fun to tear apart.