Friday, March 25, 2011

2 comments BotB Podcast #10 - AL Preview

Bengoodfella here...I need to clear something up before we get to the BotB podcast. A while back one of my Murray Chass posts got linked by a commenter on It was this post. I thought that was pretty cool and I appreciated that since I really like that post I did about Chass. In the post about Chass I did one of my "skits" where I mocked the way Chass chose his Hall of Fame ballot and wrote the following mocking Chass' decision process:

(Murray Chass) “His name is Edgar but he doesn’t look like a Mexican like all those Mexicans playing baseball look today. This is difficult to decide…is he a Mexican, Latino, Puerto Rican or just has an ethnic name? Either way it is a “no” for him, that’s easy to decide, but this is tough to decide his actual ethnicity.”

As things like this happen, Chass has essentially called Stan Musial a racist now, and so the well-meaning commenter who linked my post in the comments took the above quote out and quoted it in the comments as further proof Chass is racist. I made up that quote in an attempt to entertain the readers and it is NOT a quote that Murray Chass ever said. As a rule for this blog, if it isn't in bold black then it isn't a quote from an article. I still appreciate the plug from the commenter. We are getting traffic from and I don't want anyone to think I am making up quotes to make Murray Chass sound like a racist.

And now to the podcast and Dylan.

With the MLB season upon us, we have decided to do a two part preview podcast, with the AL segment below. Take a listen and let us know how you feel about our soon-to-be-proven-correct predictions.


Martin F. said...

Ok, that's pretty funny. I never thought of anybody reading those skits thinking they might be real, cause, well, they're sort of outlandish-ish. :)

Bengoodfella said...

Martin F, I didn't either. I'm glad the guy posted the link, that was cool of him, but I can't be an irresponsible blogger. I think I had Murray in a conversation w/ Joe Morgan in that skit too...which makes it seem more outlandish.