Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 comments MMQB Review: He is Risen! Edition

It has finally happened. After years of waiting around, everyone speculating on when it would happen, and reading desperately for the signs of his arrival, it has finally occurred. He has come to save us all, destroy what we know as the truth and rebuild everything again in his image. That's right, Tim Tebow started a game in the NFL and through his grace and motivational leadership, the Broncos were able to beat a winless team. This means we are all subject to crowing from Woody Paige, under the Mark Sanchez Rule that we ignore a quarterback's overall play and focus solely on the outcome of the game. This also means hopefully the focus will be on Tebow's football play instead of articles titled, "Does our dislike of Tebow say more about us then him?" Either way, Peter King will fill us on in everything that happened this week in the NFL and (spoiler alert) it turns out the early returns from trading a first round pick and a second round pick for Carson Palmer didn't turn out too well for the Raiders. There's a shocker for those not paying attention.

Week 7 stories I love: Plaxico Burress, Matt Ryan, Tim Tebow and DeMarco Murray.

Week 7 stories I don't know quite how to describe: Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer and Hue Jackson.

I can explain the first two and I'm not sure why Peter has troubling explaining them. Kyle Boller isn't that great of a quarterback and Carson Palmer has been in the offense for a few days and even when he knows the offense I don't think he will be that great. Palmer barely knew the offense on Sunday, so I'm not sure how much should have been expected of him. At the very maximum he is a 20% upgrade from Jason Campbell That's the very maximum, otherwise I'm betting he is what Campbell was. So that's how to ramble and describe what happened to the Raiders at the quarterback position.

Colts hitting rock bottom, then going deeper to find a new level of embarrassment.

My least favorite story of the season is the Colts talking about how they would draft Andrew Luck. First, I would love to see Luck and Manning co-exist on the roster. I have questions about how they would go. Second, shouldn't the Colts focus on the rest of the roster that apparently needs some upgrades? The Colts are bad without Manning, but losing 62-7 shows that lack of Manning isn't the only problem with the roster.

Tebow ... you saw it. You must have. Third-string for 53 minutes, transcendent for seven.

More majestic than transcendent.

And Murray. He'd never started an NFL game in his life, and only nine backs have had a better day in the history of the league than his 253-yarder Sunday in Arlington.

Did Murray even know how to play football before Saturday? Probably not. Murray had never even played football on a field before Sunday...unless you want to count when he played at Oklahoma and how he holds four school records during his time there. Other than that, he came from out of nowhere.

Away. Imprisoned on his gun charge, wondering if he'd ever have a big day like this again, when a quarterback could trust him to get open and they'd be able to build the kind of chemistry he had with Eli Manning when, in 2007, Manning and Burress had one of the great big games a quarterback and receiver could ever have in the NFC Championship Game, that minus-24-wind-chill triumph in Green Bay.

I bet the Giants really wish now they had signed Plax fresh out of his stint in jail.

Right Ian O'Connor?

Three times he did that Sunday, though there was little sign in the first six weeks that he and Sanchez were close to making the kind of music they made Sunday.

Peter, you clearly didn't pay attention to the greatest game in the history of the NFL that Plaxico played in the preseason.

Human limbs aren't supposed to bend the way Ryan's lower left leg and ankle did when tackle Will Svitek stepped on it hard in the third quarter. (Or, as Dan Patrick said last night, "Svitek stepped on his svankle.'') The lower leg appeared to bend like an "L.'' If that wasn't a season-ender, it was at minimum a high ankle sprain, and Ryan was going to miss some time. He missed time, all right. Two plays.

That's why they call him Matty Icccccccccccce. His clutchiness knows no bounds.

No, you don't. Ryan lay on the ground -- and depending who you believe, was either taunted or not taunted by a couple of Lions -- and it looked bad for about 30 seconds.

Whether you believe you know what happened while Ryan lay there for an eternity/30 seconds, it doesn't matter, because Ryan was laying there AND WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WAS BEING SAID! WHERE'S "DATELINE" AT TO DO A REAL INVESTIGATION WHEN YOU NEED THEM?

But he got up, walked to the locker room, and when the medical staff determined it wasn't severely damaged, Ryan got the lower leg and ankle heavily taped and he came back in. He said he did not take a pain-killing injection.

Not to take anything away from Matt Ryan and his injury...but the injury looked bad, but it wasn't, and we are supposed to think he is this huge hero for only missing two plays? I know he sucks and everyone hates him but I'm pretty sure Tony Romo played with a fractured rib and a punctured lung earlier this year. I'm not sure I can muster up the hero worship for a guy who had an injury that looked bad, but really wasn't.

But Ryan jogged onto the field without throwing any warmup passes or talking to offensive play-caller Mike Mularkey. On the first snap, he set his right (plant) legand threw a bullet to slot receiver Harry Douglas on a crossing route. Gain of 49. The field goal Atlanta got there turned out to be the winning points.

So in summary...Matt Ryan suffered a very traumatic looking injury, was taunted/not taunted by the Lions, walked off the field, found out the injury wasn't as traumatic as thought when he got in the locker room, got the ankle taped, jogged back out on the field and then continued playing the game. Why did this story require such a long explanation when it turns out Ryan wasn't injured badly?

I'm not going to make Ryan out to be an Army Ranger here,

You mean like you just did? Contrary to Peter's own opinion, when you laud Matt Ryan for coming back and describe his injury and comeback in every minute detail as if he were coming back from a broken leg when the injury just looked bad, then you are making him seem like an Army Ranger. Saying you aren't going to make Ryan out as an Army Ranger doesn't mean you didn't just make him seem like one.

"Luckily,'' Ryan said, "we do a lot of flexibility training, and I'm sure that helped me there. Jeff Fish [Atlanta's director of athletic performance] does a great job with us as far as movement and stretching and making sure we're flexible.'' The Falcons are a big injury prevention team; I know that from being around them. And from the looks at the replay, that injury prevention might have saved their quarterback from a month in a walking boot.

We can all thank God/Tebow no one was severely injured during this non-injury.

I have four thoughts about Tebow 18, Miami 15:

1. Tebow's biceps...wow!
2. Tebow is clutchy and is just a winner.
3. Tebow knows how to win and he's a winner.
4. Tebow is a winning winner whose clutchiness and ability to play the best when it counts the most and the ability to play shitty for three quarters isn't a reflection on him as a quarterback only serves to show just how clutchy he can be and what a winning winner who wins he truly knows how to be.

1. I'm sure this is because Tebow hasn't given offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and coach John Fox reason to think he's ready to play an Aaron Rodgers, bombs-away type of game, but that was the most conservative, buttoned-up gameplan Denver had for most of the game. If you're going to give the guy a chance to win the starting job, you've got to let him play more than this gameplan allowed.

It is like Peter King hasn't covered John Fox as a head coach for nine years now. He's covered Fox's teams for nine years and yet he is still shocked Tebow had a conservative game plan? That's bad on Peter's part. Know the people you are paid to cover.

Just to add to Tebow Fevor, Kerry Byrne of Cold Hard Football Facts emailed me with this last night: In four starts, Tebow now has two fourth-quarter comebacks from at least 13 points down. In John Elway's career, guess how many he had. Two.

Clearly this means Tim Tebow is better than John Elway...says Woody Paige.

I don't see how Fox and John Elway know anything more about Tebow this morning than they knew 24 hours ago. This was an incredible victory, unlikely and exciting and wonderful for the fan base. But in terms of knowing whether Tebow has a chance to be your quarterback of the present or future? Nothing got solved. He didn't have a chance to do much in the regular offense, he wasn't accurate for 54 minutes,

It would also help if the Broncos coaching staff would construct a game plan that took advantage of Tebow's strengths, but I'm not sure they are capable of wanting to do that. It doesn't take a genius to know Fox did not want Tebow as his quarterback. He played Orton until he absolutely had to put Tebow in the game and then constructed a gameplan for Tebow which was conservative and didn't play to Tebow's strengths.

Murray was the sixth running back taken in the draft, nine spots after the Dolphins took Daniel Thomas (sorry Dolfans; didn't mean to stick the knife in any deeper than it is today) ...

Right, because one good day by Murray immediately means he should have been taken over Daniel Thomas in the NFL draft. Murray has potential to be a good NFL running back, but one fantastic day shouldn't start the "he was drafted x spots after Player Y" talk quite yet.

When the furor over the Walter Payton biography Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton surfaced last month, I told you I'd pass along my thoughts when I'd read it. Now that I have, I can tell you it's terrific.

No, it isn't terrific. Walter Payton is a hero and how dare someone write stories about him Payton wasn't consulted on and it ruins what his family thinks of him and tries to ruin Payton's legacy which causes children to die and famine to begin because one of the greatest running backs ever didn't get a chance to defend himself in a biography written about him so Jeff Pearlman should eat shit and die.

You'd think no one had ever written a semi-controversial biography about a deceased person, the way some of the public reacted to Pearlman's book on Walter Payton. Why write a biography about a person if it only highlights the positive points of the person's life? That's not a very good job of writing if the positive is all that is discussed.

Phillips, who's now a firefighter in Jackson, told Pearlman that Payton had a "controlled rage'' when it came to how Griffin overshadowed him nationally. Pearlman also interviewed a Jackson State trainer, another teammate of Payton and Griffin himself. This is why you should read this book. The research is exhaustive, the anecdotes eye-opening.

Oh who cares! Pearlman waits until AFTER Payton is dead to defame and murder his memory to the thousands of innocent children who look up to him! How dare any author ruin the childhood fantasy of an athlete with the truth! (rabble, rabble, rabble)

Weird week. Only one of my top four teams played on Sunday, and six of the Fine Fifteen had Sunday off.

"Look at what my subjective rankings mean about the NFL as a whole."

7. Atlanta (4-3). Much-needed bye, then a game against the JV-like Colts in 13 days. Matt Ryan needs to get his left ankle right. Those things are not meant to bend at 90-degree angles.

"But he's not an Army Ranger and I refuse to treat him like he is!"

(Peter begins massaging Ryan's ankle and talking to Ryan) "Matt, I thought you got shot or stabbed when I first saw the injury. Then when I saw the replay, I knew it was worse than a gunshot or stab wound. You are so tough. What a tough little man! (pops Ryan on the butt as Ryan sprints on the field with nothing apparently wrong with him)"

9. Detroit (5-2). I don't like how chippy some of the Lions are getting.

And get off Peter's lawn! You can't hurt Matty Iccccccce and expect Peter to treat you like you are human.

Offensive Players of the Week

Atlanta TE Tony Gonzalez. Five catches by the steady-Eddie tight end of the Falcons helped Atlanta upset the Lions 23-16 at Ford Field, and the personal significance of the five grabs is just as important.

I promise this isn't "Pick on the Falcons week," but Gonzalez had five catches for 62 yards and he gets co-Offensive Player of the Week with a guy who had the 10th best rushing day in NFL history? This fake award of Peter's shouldn't be a lifetime achievement award.

Goats of the Week

Oakland QBs Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer. Wow. Tough crowd. Palmer walks into a tough situation, practices three days and shares this hallowed honor?

It is unfair to put Palmer in this category with Boller. Having said that, I have two problems with the Carson Palmer trade:

1. The trade itself. I remember when Carson Palmer was a great quarterback. He still could be a very good quarterback. It's just if you look at his statistics compared to the guy he replaced, Jason Campbell, there isn’t such a huge difference that would tell a team they need to trade a 1st and 2nd round pick for Palmer. What a silly panic move by the Raiders, at least in my opinion, to the Campbell injury. I know Kyle Boller sucks, but if a team is serious about going deep in the playoffs they don’t have Kyle Boller as the backup quarterback, knowing they would have no use for him if he ever had to be the starter. Why have a backup veteran quarterback you clearly have no confidence in? That’s just my stupid opinion. I think the Raiders could have used their draft picks to fix the backup quarterback situation before having to give up two high draft choices in desperate situation like they did.

2. Fine, the Raiders gave up a few draft picks for Carson Palmer. It's happened, but why put him in the game? What can be gained from this? He has been in the offense for just three days and at the very best he goes out there and doesn’t embarrass himself. I know Boller was drowning, but putting Palmer in the game when he clearly wasn’t ready didn’t seem to have much potential to do much good.

Well, the Raider quarterbacks threw six interceptions -- three apiece for Boller and Palmer -- and put zero points on the board. Look on the bright side. Can't get any worse, Carson.

I don’t know if I agree with this. It could get much worse if Palmer plays poorly once he has had a chance to learn the offense. What the Raiders gave up for him sets a pretty high bar in terms or expectations. Many people expected Palmer to struggle after knowing the offense for three days, but the expectation is he will get much better with time in the Raiders’ system. Things could get worse if he doesn’t meet those expectations.

Sadly for me, it appears Peter King agrees with me…

And though I do think Palmer will be a major upgrade over Kyle Boller, I still don't know what to think about Palmer for the long-term. He'll need to play better than he did over his last three Cincinnati seasons to make the deal worth it.

I’m not trying to bash Palmer inordinately, but he will need to play better as a 31 year old than he did during the last three seasons. The Raiders gave up two high draft choices on the hopes a 30+ year old quarterback will return to a level he hasn’t reached in a few years. That seems pretty risky to me. Simply put, I don’t believe he is a better upgrade in the long-term over Jason Campbell.

2008-2010 seasons


W-L, Pct.









19-25, .432









14-22, .389








I think Palmer is a better quarterback than Campbell, but it was just a very high price for such a little upgrade…especially considering Campbell is younger than Palmer.

Palmer and Campbell are two of the four quarterbacks under contract with Oakland. Palmer cost first- and second-round (at least) picks. Terrelle Pryor cost a third-round pick. Jason Campbell a fourth-round pick.

So the Raiders are turning Pryor into a tight end, right? If not, they spent a third-round pick on a guy who may not see the field as a quarterback for 3-4 years if Palmer works out. Not that the Raiders should have held off on trading for Palmer because they have Pryor, but if they were so worried about their backup quarterback position after signing Boller why didn’t they give the Raiders a 3rd round pick for Kyle Orton or another quarterback instead of spending it on a project quarterback? It just sounds like mismanagement of draft picks to me. I don’t know why a team would spend a 3rd round pick on a project quarterback if they aren’t even happy with the backup quarterback they have now. Sure, the Raiders may not have known how bad Boller was until they signed him, but isn’t that what the scouting department is for? So the Raiders signed a crappy backup, used a third round pick on a project quarterback, and then spent two high draft choices on a quarterback they hope to lead the team for the next 3-4 years. It's bad draft pick management to me.

It isn’t like Campbell is out for the entire year and maybe I am out of touch and am wrong for thinking winning the division this year was worth trading for Palmer. So I’m hoping the 3rd round pick for Pryor is to move him to tight end where he may be more useful in the short term and long term.

a. Daryl Johnston. Lindsay Nelson. (You'll just have to Google it, youngsters.)

I did Google it and I still don’t get it, partially because Peter spelled "Lindsay Nelson" wrong. How about if you are going to make cryptic references you spell the person’s name right that you are referring to…or possibly freaking tell us what you are talking about? No one reads MMQB to think anyway, so just tell us what you mean.

d. Matt Forte (25 carries, 145 yards) just keeps getting more expensive by the week. Bizarre the Bears haven't been able to find some common ground to get him signed.

I'm not sure there is a way to find common ground. The Bears don’t want to pay him like an elite running back and he clearly thinks he is an elite running back.

j. That was one of the best 13-for-32 games I've seen, Christian Ponder. There's hope in Minnesota.

So many white quarterbacks to fawn over, so little time in Peter King’s day.

In all seriousness though, Ponder looked really good at times. Having Adrian Peterson in the backfield definitely helped him. I am glad Peter is not super-overreacting to Ponder’s first game in the NFL (no sarcasm). I have a feeling the overreaction may happen next week when the Vikings beat Carolina on the road. Ponder just has to hand the ball off to Peterson and not give the ball to the other team and he should get a win. I bet the excessive fawning over Ponder will start at that point.

l. Can't find fault with the Vikes punting with 2:37 left, down 33-27, with all timeouts left, on fourth-and-10 from their 36. You can't ask Christian Ponder to convert that -- or, at least, you have to think your defense has a better chance of holding the Packers to six or seven plays and a punt rather than thinking Ponder can get 10 yards against a very good dime defense.

This is a tough call and makes me glad I am not an NFL coach. I am almost tempted to have Ponder try to convert this play. Is asking Ponder to convert this play that much more difficult than asking him to lead the Vikings to a touchdown with no timeouts left, assuming the Vikings could even have stopped the Packers? It is a tough call, but Ponder is going to have to score a touchdown with zero timeouts against a tough dime defense even if he gets the ball back.

a. Fifteen straight games now, in this big passing era, for the Vikings without a 300-yard passing game. Thanks for that note, Stats Inc.

This wouldn’t have happened if Brett Favre was still the quarterback. Wait…that streak includes his time in Minnesota too? No way, Favre was way too good of a quarterback for that to be true.

b. What on earth has happened to the Rams? It's like 2010 never happened.

Poor offensive line play, injuries, a tougher schedule, and Bradford has few quality receivers to reliably catch his passes. Was that more of a rhetorical question?

h. The Colts look like they're sprinting to the Andrew Luck finish line.

Let’s find another franchise quarterback to cover up all the other deficiencies on the roster! That’s the ticket!

3. I think, just for the record, because I know and you should know, Adam Schefter didn't sit on the Carson Palmer trade story because he was protecting anyone. It's an absurd statement and thought.

It doesn’t really matter why Schefter was sitting on the story. The bottom line is Jay Glazer broke the story to the public and ESPN shouldn’t take credit for breaking the story (which they did) if they didn’t break the story. That’s my bottom line. Of course, ESPN has been stealing credit for stories so long it is hard to even notice now. It is fine if Schefter was sitting on the story, but don’t take credit for breaking the story to the public if you weren’t the one that broke it to the public.

7. I think if I'm the Browns, I'm having serious questions about Montario Hardesty's ability to be the every-down running back. A win's a win, and Cleveland somehow beat Seattle in a slugfest, 6-3. But Hardesty (33 carries, 95 yards) was a plodder more than a runner Sunday, and had 20 carries of two yards or fewer. I wonder when was the last time a runner has rushed 20 times in a game, basically, ineffectively. At one point in the first half, here were Hardesty's rushes in succession: 1, minus-1, 1, 2, minus-1, two. I'm thinking the Browns should kiss and make up with Peyton Hillis.

These aren't the Browns only two options. They could draft another running back who doesn’t sit out of a game basically because his agent tells him to do so. There are other running backs out there and Hillis has an injury history, plus I can’t but think the fact he stayed out of a game for dubious reasons should be a strike against him.

b. Congrats on your eight-catch game for Cornell against Brown, Luke Tasker. Bet you'd rather have had the win if you're anything like your father.

(Movie preview guy voice) “In an age where there are mobile phones, text messaging, Twitter, fax machines, email, and letters…one man stands against this technology to deliver messages to others. He prefers to give private messages through a public forum. You may not give a shit about who he knows, but your lack of a shit to give is his to take. It’s Peter King in ‘Look Who He’s Talking to Now.’ His private messages are your business now.”

f. My niece Charlotte got married Saturday in England to a swell guy named Jonny. Sorry I missed it, you two lovebirds. Have a great life.

There’s your wedding gift Charlotte and Jonny. You got a public mention in MMQB. No need to thank Peter, but he does expect a gift bag from you.

j. Coffeenerdness: I believe I set a personal record Sunday. Ten total shots of espresso in three lattes between 6 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Not that it's going to come back to haunt me or anything.

At what point did Peter get feedback when he discussed coffee that made him think, “Boy, I bet everyone wants to know every coffee-oriented item that occurred to me over the last week”?

k. Beernerdness: Pleasure to share two Dogfish Head 90s with my Versus Friday night partner Russ Thaler on the Acela the other night. Then nearly fell asleep on the subway when I got to New York from the Versus studios in Connecticut.

Oh, so that’s why we don’t have any stories about what some annoying people did on the Acela over the past week while Peter was "innocently" sitting there staring at those people while writing down their every movement.


rich said...

Tebow ... you saw it. You must have. Third-string for 53 minutes, transcendent for seven.

The way he recovered that onside kick? Nothing short of HOF worthy. Oh and that strip sack he had in overtime? That was the stuff of legends.

in the NFC Championship Game, that minus-24-wind-chill triumph in Green Bay.

Ya, since Burress is kind of a dumbass I'm sure he'd have forgotten the game winning TD he caught in the Super Bowl two weeks later...

I bet the Giants really wish now they had signed Plax fresh out of his stint in jail.

Four catches, 25 yards... Ya, that level of production is hard to find these days. (I know you're being sarcastic BGF, but Burress had 25 yards recieving... he still sucks).

I have four thoughts about Tebow 18, Miami 15:

Holy shit, he actually wrote that? What about the Broncos stopping the Dolphins on their two point conversion? How about the strip sack in OT? What about the FG to win the game by Prater? Nope, it was all Tebow.

If you're going to give the guy a chance to win the starting job, you've got to let him play more than this gameplan allowed.

I'm sorry, but when your QB isn't good enough to successfully run the "most conservative" gameplan you have... then why the fuck would you give him more responsibilities? Typically if you give the guy a bare minimum and they can't handle it, you don't give him more to do.

I have two problems with the Carson Palmer trade:

My biggest problem is that they had a weakness at QB and in order to salvage one mediocre season, they've pissed away the chance to get a good QB in the future due to the asinine length and money still left on Palmer's contract.

Giving up a 1st and conditional 1st/2nd isn't a big deal, but giving it up to get an, at best, average player who will prevent you from reaching your full potential is stupid beyond belief.

Matt Forte (25 carries, 145 yards) just keeps getting more expensive by the week. Bizarre the Bears haven't been able to find some common ground to get him signed.

I'm sure both sides are looking at the trainwreck that is Chris Johnson. Forte has to realize that his prime earning years are right now and the Bears don't want to overpay Forte only to have him break down.

Can't find fault with the Vikes punting with 2:37 left, down 33-27

It's Aaron Rodgers... you go for it b/c the guy absolutely killed the Vikings all game, so the odds of them not using the clock or getting points had to be incredibly small. Go for it and at least see if Ponder can make a play.

Congrats on your eight-catch game for Cornell against Brown, Luke Tasker.

Ivy League football isn't like anything else in the world. Even the students of those schools don't give a shit about the games. At Penn, people go to the games just to throw toast after the third quarter.

But, congrats on that eight catch game against Brown, ::looks at Brown's schedule:: I mean they beat Stony Brooke 21-20, so um... ya, that's pretty sad.

Ten total shots of espresso in three lattes between 6 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Not that it's going to come back to haunt me or anything.

This is like the guy at the bar at 1am telling you about how many beers he's had that night. No one gives a shit about how much you had to drink and you probably didn't have that much.

jacktotherack said...

I have four thoughts about Tebow 18, Miami 15:

This type of shit really, really pisses me off. Same as when Thom Brennaman referred to Florida as the "University of Tim Tebow" during the BCS Title Game. I suppose it was Tebow's mere presence on the sidelines that inspired the Denver defense to keep the Broncos in striking distance despite Tebow's own awful play. He was just putting the defense through some Old Testament-type test of will.

I suppose Tebow is also the same person who recovered the onside kick late in the game, and he used a divine wind to help Matt Prater's 52 yard FG go in after engineering a 2 yard game-winning drive by handing off 3 times in a row. I'm sure that is how Elway led his 4th quarter comebacks too.

Is using the Bible as a shield really all you need to get a free pass for being terrible at your job? The national media should be embarrassed about the way they've covered Tebow's entire career, but the amount of praise he has gotten for beating the fucking Dolphins, in a game where he was awful for 90% of the game, takes the cake.

HH said...

I wonder when was the last time a runner has rushed 20 times in a game, basically, ineffectively.

Google it, dick.But off the top of my head, Edgerrin James with the Cardinals against the Bears on MNF in 2006. [Googling: 36 carries, 55 yards, 1.5 ypc.]

Bengoodfella said...

Rich, I was being sarcastic. But I hear Plax has turned the corner and is going to have a great season from here on out. That's the word. And then, and then, and then the Giants will rue the day they didn't sign him.

Nope, Tebow 18, Miami 15. It was all Tebow. The kick was Prater wasn't too bad, but that's not the focus of the story. It's all Tebow. I feel bad for the rest of the Broncos.

I will be somewhat fair to Tebow in that the conservative gameplan that was written up didn't play to his strengths. I agree if he can't execute a simple gameplan it doesn't bode well, but I think the Broncos OC should have done more than he did to get Tebow some confidence. I have a feeling Fox wanted him to fail. I really do feel that way.

I hate the Palmer trade more and more. I don't care if he plays great in two weeks. I still hate it.

Gregg Easterbrook thinks the Vikes should have gone for it too. I can't say I disagree or agree one way or another. It's a hard call. I would lean towards going for it though.

EVERYONE cares about PK's coffee intake don't they? It's riveting!

Jack, I think the overpraise of Tebow is why there is a negative reaction to him. I think the whole religion angle is overblown, but the reverential way he is treated by many announcers is what gets fans up in arms. The University of Tebow had a lot of other quality players on the roster, but that was ignored in favor of Tebow. I really think the overpraise of Tebow is why he gets negative feedback from many.

I am not going to defend Tebow, but I think to an extent others use his religion as a shield for him. He probably plays into it some, but the fact he is such a nice guy and leans the coverage towards fawning. His religion just provides a narrative for the media to play off.

HH, Hardesty was ineffective, but if that was Mike Alstott they would say he wore the defense down and then give him a Pro Bowl nod. Peter doesn't understand what you mean by "Google."

Martin F. said...

My only problem with the Vikings not going for it is that they should have been playing 4 down football. Teams so often get to where the Vikes were, and then make 3 straight 15-20 yard incompletions. Run a quick screen on one of the plays, or a dump in the flat. Get 5, 7, 9 yards, then that 4th and 3 isn't such a big deal. At 4th and 10 I probably would have punted, but then I'd have tried to give my QB better room to work with.

Bengoodfella said...

Martin, that is a pretty good point. Bill Belichick (I think) said one time it is a lot easier to call plays when you know whether you are trying to get 10 yards in 3 or 4 plays. Basically I think he was saying he knows beforehand if he will go for it or not, so it doesn't put as much pressure for a long-er completion on 1st or 2nd down and opens up the play calling a little bit. So making the decision before the drive on whether they would go for it on fourth down could have set up a more manageable 4th down try potentially.

If you think about it, it is kind of a smart move. The coach knows on 1st down he is going to go for it on fourth down and can call plays based on that.

mike said...

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