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8 comments 2012 NFL Mock Draft

I don't recall how many first round picks I guessed correctly prior to the 2011 NFL Draft, but it couldn't have been very many. I feel like I had a bad draft last year. You can go back and read it if you want. It's not my best mock draft. I'll try to do better this year. I remember now being very, very nervous about Cam Newton being the #1 overall pick. My analysis of Newton of going to Carolina was terribly off. It's embarrassing, but it is also how I felt at the time. I didn't know if Newton could play in the NFL at a high level. For one year, he proved he could. Let's review my comments about Newton in an effort to lose all credibility with everyone who reads this before I even start my 2012 NFL mock draft.

1. Carolina- Cam Newton, QB

I have done as much research as possible into the available quarterbacks in this draft.

Which was obvious based on how I COMPLETELY MISSED on my Newton evaluation. I wasn't lying though. I figured Carolina would take a QB and wanted to know the pros and cons of each quarterback available. In my defense, I am terrible at evaluating quarterbacks. Always have been, always will be. I was on the Brian Brohm train and I'm still a fan of Jason Campbell.

I will say I could talk myself into this pick by saying there isn't really a "#1 overall talent" to be seen in this draft. There isn't a guy who has enough talent and should be taken #1 overall by Carolina, so why not shoot for the moon and see if you can land a franchise quarterback? Is there really a "sure thing" in this draft outside of AJ Green or Patrick Peterson? That part says take Newton, while the logical sports fan in me has many more questions than answers about him.

It's a bit fatalistic, and Von Miller would argue he has talent to be a #1 overall pick, but I still stick by the point of shooting for the moon. Carolina had Jimmy Clausen as the quarterback, why not take a chance on Newton?

My other issue is I don't know if Pickles (what we call Clausen in Carolina) was given a fair shot in Carolina last year. He didn't get the proper coaching he deserved and was put in a tough situation.

I do still say Pickles wasn't given a fair shot. He was put in a tough situation during the 2010 season few rookie QB's could have succeeded in. I can see a scenario where he would be a very competent backup quarterback with a different franchise.

Short-term he won't be ready to play in the NFL, so Pickles will be the quarterback for a while, which could ultimately lead to the Panthers getting the #1 pick next year and then drafting Andrew Luck.

We'll just let those words hang in the air. I thought Newton wasn't ready to play short-term in the NFL and thought Clausen would start for most of the year. This is clearly the fear of Newton busting that was causing me to write this.

My point is I'll do better this year...or at least will try to. I'm really excited about getting this mock draft together for some reason. As usual, I won't predict any trades in the first round. And as even more usual, this mock draft consists of me guessing trying to use logic in a situation with incomplete information.

1. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck, QB

I feel good about making this pick accurately...especially since the Colts have announced he is the pick. We all know Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the history of the NFL Draft. Hearing this makes Andrew Luck happy. If I had to nitpick Luck, which you know I will love to do, it does concern me a bit how mechanical he seems. It sounds silly, but I think one of the things that make quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning successful is they take calculated risks on the field. Maybe it is a matter of perception, but I don't see Luck (or Matt Ryan) that way. I don't really question Luck's arm strength, but I do think there comes a time when a quarterback can be too cerebral. I guess my fear for Luck is that he ends up like Matt Ryan (who is a great quarterback, but carries a perception he checks down a lot) and he doesn't become afraid to throw an interception. Overall, this is an obvious pick and a good pick. Luck should have a very good NFL career. My (small) criticism makes Andrew Luck explain nervously. He should feel fine though, because he is the first pick in the draft, so he can raise his arms and jump happily.

2. Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III, QB

I feel like it would be typical of the Redskins to trade all of these picks for Griffin and then draft Trent Richardson or trade out of the #2 spot in the draft. This wouldn't even be the biggest disappointment about the draft. The biggest disappointment about the draft is that Chris Berman still heads up ESPN's draft coverage. I've been tired of him for over a decade now. He's irritating and loud. Griffin is in a great situation in Washington. He has the best quarterback genius in the world, Mike Shanahan, as his head coach and he has the second best quarterback genius in the world, Kyle Shanahan, offensively coordinating him. In all seriousness, I'm hoping they use Griffin's strengths to his advantage in the beginning. I am a little concerned Griffin is a product of the terrible Big 12 pass defenses and I am also concerned the Shanahans won't design the offense to Griffin's strengths. Big 12 defenses have made really average quarterbacks look in the past and if I had a concern about Griffin that would be it. Griffin has intangibles and while I still can't believe what the Redskins gave up to get him, if he succeeds then it will all be worth it.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Matt Kalil, OT

There are rumors the Vikings aren't going to take Kalil and will want to give the secondary help. I hope the Vikings don't do this. Obviously the Vikings need to improve the secondary, but improving the pass rush will also do this. The Vikings need to protect Ponder and Kalil is the best tackle in the draft. Don't overthink this one and take Kalil. Of course, there is always the possibility the Vikings are pretending they want Blackmon/Claiborne in order to get a team to trade up to the pick. This way the Vikings can net some more picks and still get one of the offensive linemen they covet. Offensive linemen aren't sexy picks, but when a team has a young QB they want to protect, they are necessary picks. I'm going to drive to Minnesota and punch Rick Spielman in the face if he doesn't take Kalil. Fix the secondary later, draft an elite left tackle first.

4. Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson, RB

I know last week I begged the Browns to take a franchise wide receiver. I still think they need one, but the lure of having a franchise back has to be tempting. Richardson was the best running back at Alabama for his entire three years, even when Mark Ingram (who was a first round pick last year) was on the team. I also realize teams aren't supposed to take a running back high in the draft because it is a waste of money. In this situation, where the Browns are trying to stick with Colt McCoy or help another quarterback get comfortable, I think having a guy like Richardson would do nothing but help. A strong running game is one of a rookie QB's best friends. If the Browns don't take Richardson, I'd like to see them take Justin Blackmon. Overall, I think Richardson should be the choice. At the very least, he gives the Browns a running game to support whoever is the quarterback.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne, CB

This pick has to be Claiborne, right? I'm afraid (well, not afraid because I want to laugh if they do it) they will choose Luke Keuchly here. I don't think that's the right pick. The Bucs need to do whatever it takes to keep newly signed Eric Wright off the field as much as possible. Wright could end up with 10 interceptions this year because quarterbacks are going to love throwing at him. Claiborne is an excellent corner who is going to be needed in a division with Brees, Newton, and Ryan. I think Greg Schiano gets the pick right. Claiborne can be left alone with a receiver and he is a sure tackler. Doesn't get much better than that.

6. St. Louis Rams-Justin Blackmon, WR

While I do know Jeff Fisher probably wants Fletcher Cox, or if Claiborne falls here he would be the pick, this pick has to be a wide receiver. Maybe "has to be" is a strong use of words, but the Rams have to give Sam Bradford/AJ Feeley something to work with. Relying on Danny Amendola, trading for Brandon Lloyd, and relying on Jags cast-offs has to end. Take Blackmon and give the Rams offense something to work with. Yes, the defense needs help up front, but give Bradford a fighting chance on offense.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Floyd, WR

I don't expect the Jags to make this pick. I think a team is going to move up ahead of the Dolphins to grab Tannehill. If the Jags keep this pick, I think they will have to do something to improve the defense. I feel like the Jags want to trade back and get Michael Floyd or Kendall Wright. If they stay here, I'm calling Michael Floyd. It just feels like a move the Jags would make, even if they only want "high character" guys. They need to get Blaine Gabbert some help and Floyd seems to be the best wide receiver available at this spot. I don't see how they have Gabbert throwing the ball to a bunch of nobodies for another year, while the defense holds the opposing team to below 20 points. The Jags can't expect Gabbert to succeed when only having a tight end and running back who are offensive weapons.

8. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill, QB

Tough pick. I don't know whether to believe that Mike Sherman isn't advocating for Tannehill, that Stephen Ross demanded the Dolphins draft a quarterback, or Tannehill was the pick all along. I do know three things: I know new regimes usually mean new quarterbacks and Joe Philbin will want a quarterback who can run his system, and the Dolphins feel like they need a quarterback. If the Dolphins don't take Tannehill, then I see them taking Melvin Ingram. I don't personally like Tannehill, but I'm also terrible at evaluating quarterbacks. The Dolphins obviously want a new quarterback, so if they like Tannehill then they should choose him.

9. Carolina Panthers- Melvin Ingram, DE

I have no idea who Carolina will select here. I wish I did. I don't want them to select Quinton Coples or Stephon Gilmore. I would prefer Coples between those two guys. I don't see them going with a cornerback and I don't see them going with receiver either. I'll just stick with what I do know. I know Carolina needs defensive tackles, but they really want defensive playmakers who can rush the passer in a 4-3, but also drop into coverage if need be. I don't think they like Coples as much as being advertised so I'm going with a versatile 3-4/4-3 guy. This should please all the South Carolina fans who want the Panthers to take every single draft-eligible player from the school. I'm not even sure Ingram was brought in for a visit with Carolina, but I'm still going with the pick.

10. Buffalo Bills- Luke Kuechly, OLB

Tough pick here. Buddy Nix is very open with his picks and he has said he needs to improve the secondary. I also spoke with a Bills fan on Twitter who said it's between Gilmore and Barron now. This could be a smokescreen to get the Eagles/Cowboys to trade up and give the Bills a pick for the privilege of doing so. I’m guessing it will end up being that way and I will stick with my original pick against my better judgment. I am at 50/50 that the Bills go with Barron or Gilmore here over Kuechly, so I will stick with my gut. You know, the same gut that told me Cam Newton won't be able to start in the short-term prior to last year's NFL Draft.

11. Kansas City- David DeCastro, G

This pick will never happen. It makes way too much sense to me. The Chiefs need a guard and DeCastro is easily the best guard in this draft. What scares me most about this pick is with Kuechly gone, the only other guy in my draft I can see in this spot is Fletcher Cox. I don't like it when I can't see which other player would could go in a certain slot because that means a surprise pick is in store. Cox would be a good pick for the Chiefs as well. Just stay away from Dontari Poe. He has "bust" written all over him in several different languages. I think drafting a potential Pro Bowl guard is probably the best move.

12. Seattle Seahawks- Fletcher Cox, DT/DE

The Seahawks need to improve their pass rush and Fletcher Cox can play both defensive tackle and defensive end. If the Seahawks don't trade out of this spot then Cox is going to be a steal for them in this spot. I could see where he would go in the Top 10 of the draft. I don't know if Pete Carroll thinks he can get the most out of Quinton Coples or not, but I see Cox as having a lot of talent and a better motor than Coples.

13. Arizona Cardinals- Cordy Glenn, G

Larry Fitzgerald is on record as wanting a wide receiver to team up with him. I think the Cardinals are smart enough not to listen to Fitzgerald. The offensive line needs to be upgraded and with DeCastro off the board, I think the Cardinals will go with Cordy Glenn over Riley Reiff (or is it Reiff Riley?) because Glenn can play guard and could slide over to tackle in a pinch. I know Fitzgerald wants playmakers and we all want to know if Kolb is an NFL quarterback, so it makes sense to give him a receiver. Still, I think the Cardinals go the route of better protecting Kolb in order to give him time to throw the ball and help out Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams (injured all last year and I like him a lot) with running lanes. I think this pick makes a lot of sense, so it will never happen. The Cardinals will probably make a move to make Fitzgerald happy over protecting the guy throwing Fitzgerald the ball.

14. Dallas Cowboys- Mark Barron, S

It feels like every mock draft has Mark Barron mocked here. In all honesty, I can see the Cowboys taking Stephon Gilmore in this spot. Both areas in the secondary are needs for the Cowboys. I will pick Barron because I feel like he is much more of a sure thing in the NFL, as compared to Gilmore. There's not much else to say here. Barron would be the right pick, but I can see how Gilmore would be the pick as well. All things being equal, I think the Cowboys will covet a hard-hitting safety the most. After all, Barron is probably a Top 10 talent while Stephon Gilmore is a late-rising guy who I think isn't on par with Barron in terms of talent.

15. Philadelphia Eagles- Stephen Gilmore, CB

The Eagles just traded Asante Samuel and I had Gilmore slotted here before they did that. So I'm even more sure about this pick now, which naturally, means I am going to be wrong. The Eagles do have other needs and sometimes it is hard to peg what they will do in the draft. Rodgers-Cromartie is a free agent after this season and I think the Eagles will choose to upgrade their secondary at this spot. I can see them trading up for Mark Barron to keep him away from the Cowboys as well.

16. New York Jets-Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB

I think the Jets are going to want to go after a pass rusher in order to put more pressure on the quarterback. I think all the Chandler Jones and wide receiver talk is just a smokescreen, Courtney Upshaw may not fit the defense, and Quinton Coples doesn't seem to fit the defense very well, so that leaves me with hybrid type pass rushers. Mercilus was a very productive defensive end for Illinois, at least for one year. The best part, and I think the part that catches the attention of the Jets coaching staff is that he was productive as a stand-up rusher in college and will get after the quarterback. Receivers and offensive line help can be available later in the draft.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- Riley Reiff, T

Let's not forget the Bengals have a "franchise" quarterback as well and they want to protect him. The disaster against the Texans in the playoffs is probably still at the forefront of the Bengals mind, so I can see them taking Riley Reiff to help protect Andy Dalton. If it isn't Reiff then it will be Jonathan Martin, but I think the Bengals take steps to make sure the offensive line isn't porous like it seemed to be against the Texans. This isn't a bad pick either. I don't know if Reiff is projected to be a franchise type right tackle, but he is an upgrade over what the Bengals have now.

18. San Diego Chargers- Jonathan Martin, T

I'm guessing hard at this one. I know the Chargers need a pass rusher and could probably use another safety. One would think they would go in that direction. The Chargers rarely seem to do what I expect them to do though. The Chargers probably want to protect Rivers better than they did last year and Martin projects to be a solid LT/RT in the NFL. The Chargers need a pass rusher, but I think ensuring Rivers stays upright will help to improve the entire Chargers offense. There are no safeties worthy of being taken here anyway, so I'm not sure that's an option.

19. Chicago Bears- Michael Brockers, DT

This is another pick that probably makes more sense on paper than it does in reality. In reality, it seems the Bears need to take a receiver here. I can see three players the Bears would select here. Brockers, Coples, and Kendall Wright. I am leaning strongly towards Wright, but I think the Bears will look to improve the interior of their defensive line and go with Brockers. It's probably very tempting to match Coples up with Peppers or give Cutler the best receiver in this draft in Kendall Wright though. At the end of the day, improving the interior of the defense is the direction the Bears will go.

20. Tennessee Titans- Janoris Jenkins, CB

If Jeff Fisher were still coaching the Titans, I would put Dontari Poe in this spot. Fisher seemed to love drafting defensive linemen when he coached the Titans...or maybe that was just my recollection of his time in Tennessee. I think drafting Poe will be tempting, as would possibly drafting Courtney Upshaw, but the Titans are going to take their chances on a guy who is supposedly the most talented cornerback in this draft outside of Morris Claiborne. In a race between Jenkins and Dre Kirkpatrick, I think the highest potential wins.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Dre Kirkpatrick, CB

Most mock drafts have Courtney Upshaw in this spot, but I don't see the Bengals going that way. They need cornerback help and Kirkpatrick was a very impressive tackler and cover guy at Alabama. I think this pick makes sense to me, which means it will never happen. Nate Clements was just okay last year and Leon Hall appears to be injured. So why not upgrade the secondary?

22. Cleveland Browns- Bobby Massie, T

The Browns have a huge need at right tackle. Quinton Coples is sitting out there and has to be very tempting. Not to mention, the Browns can always go after a quarterback like Brandon Weeden. I'm not entirely sure the Browns like Weeden to take him here and improving the offensive line for Trent Richardson is probably a priority. Just thinking this through, the Browns don't pick again until #37. Do they want to take a chance teams like the Colts, Rams, or Lions take one of the offensive linemen they want? I think they will make their tackle move here at this spot. Now the Browns can focus on the QB position or the defensive line with their two second round picks.

23. Detroit Lions- Mike Adams, T

Well, shit. For the 19th consecutive year the Lions need an offensive lineman in the NFL Draft. In my mock draft, a lot of the top guys are gone. Though Calvin Johnson thinks the Lions are going defense, and really who can blame them, I see them beefing up the offensive line since most of the top cornerback prospects are gone at this point. This is too early for Dennard and Mike Adams is one of those players who is seen as talented, but needing to put it all together. Besides, protecting Matthew Stafford is as important as improving the defense in my opinion. If Stafford gets injured, the Lions are in deep trouble.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Dont'a Hightower, LB

This pick makes me irritated with myself. I feel like I am not thinking outside the box enough with this pick. Maybe the Steelers go with Nick Perry or Shea McClellin here. I think Hightower will and should be the pick. Personally, I think he is a steal here. He fits what the Steelers like to do on defense and he could be the next generation of great Steelers linebacker.

25. Denver Broncos- Kevin Zeitler, G

It may make sense for the Broncos to choose Kendall Wright here since they have a new (Ok, they have an old "new") quarterback and they want to give him weapons to work with. Two issues that do give me pause though. First, they want to make sure Manning stays healthy, which could mean an offensive line upgrade and the Broncos really, really need defensive tackles. I think these two concerns take precedent. I think the Broncos go first with protecting their big investment at quarterback and will go for a defensive tackle later in the draft.

26. Houston Texans- Kendall Wright, WR

I am reading the Texans may want to draft a pass rusher at this spot. I can see that, but I think the bigger need is a reliable #2 in order to take pressure off Andre Johnson. I see Wright as very well being the best receiver in this draft and I think he would thrive with Johnson on the other side of him. While I can see the Texans need for another pass rusher or an offensive lineman, I see getting a #2 receiver as being the direction they go.

27. New England Patriots- Andre Branch, LB/DE

No one has a fucking clue ever what the Patriots are going to do. I'm pretty sure they aren't going to use both first round picks this year, but I don't predict trades even though a predicted trade would be a layup when we are talking about the Patriots. There are a ton of names that could be taken here. I pondered mocking a receiver to the Patriots, but I think this is a bit early for those receivers left. So if the Patriots are thinking defense, I put this pick between Andre Branch, Chandler Jones, or Shea McClellin. I think Branch will end up being that guy.

28. Green Bay Packers- Shea McClellin, OLB/DE

I feel very confident saying Green Bay will be looking at defense in the draft. The offense seems pretty set at this point. The defense looked like it could use some help towards the end of last year. I can't figure out if the Packers really want help for Clay Matthews or this is a ploy to hope a guy like Harrison Smith falls to them. I'm going with the idea they will go for help for Matthews. I'm not sure McClellin falls this far, but in my mock he does. Keep an eye out for Alonzo Dennard here. I think the Packers could go secondary and if they don't go at safety they could see Dennard a #1-type corner.

29. Baltimore Ravens- Stephen Hill, WR

I think it is fairly obvious the Ravens need to improve their offense. They need playmakers and guys who can get open in the secondary and score touchdowns. As much as I enjoy blaming Joe Flacco for all the Ravens' problems, I also recognize the Ravens haven't done a great job of surrounding him with wide receiver talent. Maybe with Boldin/Torrey Smith/Hill the Ravens have given Flacco pass catchers. Now it is up to Flacco to get them the ball, which I am not sure he is entirely capable of doing.

30. San Francisco 49ers- Reuben Randle, WR

The consensus seems to be the 49ers are going with an offensive lineman here or pass rusher. I see they have made a concerted effort to improve the passing in the offseason and I think that continues here. The 49ers wide receivers had one catch against the Giants in the NFC Championship Game. I think the 49ers will ensure that doesn't happen again by continuing the improvement of the receivers in drafting Randle. I'm not entirely sold on Randle being a first round pick, but it seems NFL teams disagree with me.

31. New England Patriots- Devon Still, DT/DE

I doubt the Patriots keep this pick. If they do, I can see them going with Still, who I think is a perfect fit for the defense. Still was projected to be a Top 15 pick earlier in February and he seems to have the talent to play DT or DE in the NFL. If he goes to a 4-3 defense I see him more as a 4-3 end. Still, it feels silly even making the pick here because I have no doubt the Patriots will end up trading this pick.

32. New York Giants- Courtney Upshaw, DE

Some people have a running back mocked to the Giants at this point. I'm not sure I see that happening. The Giants found Brandon Jacobs in the 4th round and Bradshaw in the 7th round. I don't see them choosing a running back in the first round. The Giants could also go defensive tackle here, but I think with Osi demanding a trade and Upshaw falling (at least in my mock) as much as he has then the Giants will go with defensive end to ensure their pass rush stays strong.

So there we go. My picks will all be busted by 9pm tonight, so feel free to call me an idiot. Also, feel free to leave feelings about the draft in the comments. It's fun to make fun of teams who draft poorly.


rich said...

The Giants could also go defensive tackle here, but I think with Osi demanding a trade and Upshaw falling (at least in my mock) as much as he has then the Giants will go with defensive end to ensure their pass rush stays strong.

The Giants don't need a DT. They have spent their last two second round picks on Linval Joseph and Marvin Austin.

You are right that with the Osi situation, another DE is an option, but you still have Tuck and JPP, so using a first round pick on what is essentially a backup doesn't sit well with me due to one glaring need: Offensive line.

The Giants have an aging and deteriorating offensive line. While Beatty and Koets filled in rather well last year, an offensive lineman would be highly warranted in this slot.

However, if there is no value OL pick at that spot, I suspect the Giants will take the best available DLineman. Last year's pick of Amukamora proves that Reese is not completely against drafting at an already stocked position if a talented enough player falls.

The only other thing I have to add is that I'm going to laugh so much if Miami takes Tannenhill. I think Miami probably takes him because of the shit show they have at QB and that's sad because they'll throw a QB who isn't ready out there and we all know how well that's turned out for QBs recently.

HH said...

I was on the Brian Brohm train and I'm still a fan of Jason Campbell.

I have always loved Patrick Ramsey, and I always will.

HH said...

One other thought: Titans aren't taking another low-character cornerback after the Pacman disaster.

Bengoodfella said...

Rich, I don't like the Weeden pick either. I know we are supposed to not care Weeden is 28, but he if he has a ten year career he is almost 40! I don't think that was a good pick. Is he really that much better than McCoy? The good news is since Weeden is so old, McCoy is still the QB of the future.

I thought the NYG would take Upshaw just b/c he fell so far. Looks like (surprise) I was wrong.

HH, you can't make me not like Jason Campbell. I don't love him, but I like him. I didn't even think of the Janoris Jenkins=Pacman Jones thing. Should have.

Either way, the Titans got the best WR in the draft.

rich said...


The thing about Weeden is that even if he is NFL ready now, you're getting maybe 6-7 years out of him and that doesn't factor in that he might need a year or two to get situated.

The problem with the pick isn't Weeden's age IMO, it's that Cleveland took him. If a team like Baltimore or SF took a chance on him I'd like it a lot more as those teams are competing now. Cleveland... not so much.

Basically because of the crapfactory of talent that Cleveland has, even if Weeden performs for 6 years, at least half of those years are going to be wasted while the team around him is complete dogshit.

For a team with OL issues, to take a QB and a RB in the first round is borderline retarded and sadly it looks like Holmgren is trying to destroy every last bit of his reputation.

As for the Giants, I get going after a RB, but given the issues with the OL and their success of finding RBs late in the draft, I was surprised by the move. I'm a little concerned that they could have moved back into the early second and maybe picked up a fourth to do so in the process.

However, Reese has done a fantastic job in the draft (except for LBs), so I'll trust his judgement on this one.

Bengoodfella said...

Rich, I agree. He is going to play now and no matter what anyone says he isn't more ready to play in the NFL than another college QB simply because he is older. Trust me, I saw Chris Weinke play. So his maturity is great, but he is still a rookie QB thrown into the fire immediately. I would have taken an OL in that spot. Guess the Browns didn't like their options.

I thought Wilson was a bit of a stretch in the first round and was surprised the Giants didn't go OL. Still, Reese has built up trust on this one.

The Weeden pick gets an "F" from me.

sptrfn said...

Quote"I was on the Brian Brohm train and I'm still a fan of Jason Campbell." Quote

Campbell isn't that bad, but Brohm turned out to be a big turd.

As for my Broncos, how do you not get a second when trading down with New England? They should have just traded down once with the Rams instead of the two trade-downs that they did. They didn't get what they should have out of those.

Bengoodfella said...

Yeah, I really liked Brian Brohm. I liked Flynn (as a backup) coming out of LSU, so maybe that makes up for it. I don't know why I liked Brohm, but I did. I should just quit liking Louisville QB's, but I can't stop. I like Teddy Bridgewater, their current QB, too.

Didn't like the value the Broncos got? They got a 3rd, right? I am guessing there wasn't anyone they liked at their spot and had to set up the trade quickly and accepted the trade. The trade is probably better than taking a player they don't like, but I can see where you would be angry. NE probably wouldn't give up 2nd round pick for late 1st.