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2 comments Tim Tebow is Waiting for His Chance to be an NFL Quarterback While Wearing His Armor...Yep, That's the Semi-Title of this Article

Tim Tebow is not a starting quarterback in the NFL right now. Kevin Scholla thinks this is a travesty. So he writes about Tebow wearing armor (what is this the Crusades?) on the sidelines waiting his turn to be an NFL quarterback again. The author can't figure out why Tim Tebow isn't playing in the NFL. Maybe he should look in the mirror. Tebow's fans are part of the reason he isn't playing in the NFL. No NFL team wants to deal with the media attention and rabid fans of a quarterback who would be at-best a backup. It's simply not worth it to that team. So when wondering why Tebow doesn't have a job in the NFL as a quarterback (another issue is Tebow refuses to switch positions which either shows dedication to being a quarterback or is stupid and selfish of him) perhaps the author should look in the mirror. No team wants to deal with the Tebow circus and writers talking about Tebow wearing armor.

The quarterback carousel in Cleveland continues. Due to more injuries, the Browns have signed Caleb Hanie. They've also brought in Alex Tanney. All this while Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell are both recovering from concussions. Earlier in the season, Cleveland lost Brian Hoyer to an ACL tear. The situation is a mess. Too bad the Browns still haven't pulled the trigger on the move that makes the most sense.

They have pulled the trigger on the move that makes the most sense. Waiting the season out, drafting a quarterback, and then keeping Hoyer around to be the backup or the starter at the beginning of next season. Boom, done.

Cleveland isn't the only club missing out. While team after team continues to pay inexperienced, below average, losing quarterbacks, Tim Tebow sits and waits.

Tebow waits for his chance to be an inexperienced, below average quarterback who is getting paid? He had the chance last year with the Jets and couldn't beat out Mark Sanchez for the job. Tebow hasn't started an NFL game at quarterback since the 2011 playoffs. Yes, he has an 8-6 career record so he's a "winning" quarterback, but Mark Sanchez has a 33-29 record as a quarterback so he's a "winner" too. There's more to being a good quarterback than just looking at the quarterback's record and deciding he's a "winner."

He is waiting, but he's not sitting around. Tebow is doing what he always does: visiting with and lifting the spirits of sick kids, raising money and awareness for charities,

This is irrelevant. Yes, Tim Tebow is a great guy who does many wonderful things. This doesn't make him a great quarterback. I know many, many good people who do great things for other people, but they are also not very good NFL quarterbacks. 

and training just in case someone in the NFL ever awakens from their media induced, peer pressured slumber.

Because we all know NFL teams only do what the media wants them to do. NFL teams will pass up chances to win games just to appease the media. Sure, that's what happens.

I can't help but chuckle at this guy writing about how the media has induced a peer pressure slumber. The media is who has propped Tebow up since he was playing college football at Florida. They have kept the myth of Tebow alive and given a forum to the rabid Tebow fans, while creating more Tebow fans. The idea this writer tries to sell us that the media is preventing Tebow from being an NFL starter is just hilarious. If Tebow wasn't such a good guy then the media would have hounded Tebow out of the NFL permanently by calling him a bust and tearing him down without a debate on Tebow's leadership skills. It's also ironic the writer makes this statement because the media's rabid fascination with Tebow is (in my opinion) a reason he doesn't have an NFL job right now. The media would love for Tebow to play for an NFL team, simply so they could write about Tebow. But yeah, the media is the one holding him down, I believe that.

Along with that less than stellar bunch of signal callers in Cleveland, the league is chock full of quarterbacks with less playoff wins than Tebow. 

Let's discuss the playoff win, shall we? The Broncos played a Steelers team in Denver that was missing their starting safety, starting running back, as well as had their starting quarterback injured. Ben Roethlisberger could barely move around in the pocket in that game due to an ankle injury. These aren't excuses, but merely facts that the Steelers were playing a road game with their best player's best attribute being diminished by an injury. It was a really good win for the Broncos in overtime and Tebow was 10-21 for 316 yards, but it also was a game where the Steelers weren't playing very well at that point in the season. 

It's always funny how the author doesn't mention the very next playoff game. It doesn't fit his narrative that shows Tebow as a winner. Tebow went 9-26 (which isn't bad if this were baseball) for 136 yards against the Patriots the very next week. Tebow was completely overmatched in that game by the Patriots defense. This game never gets mentioned when discussing Tebow whether is a winner in the playoffs. 

First, the quarterbacks with fewer postseason victories than the former Bronco and Jet:

Yes, the author is really doing this. He's saying that Tebow needs a job in the NFL because he has one playoff victory, then makes a list of other quarterbacks who don't have as many playoff victories as if this is a comparison that should make the reader believe Tebow isn't getting a fair shot. Of course the list sucks and is as misleading as possible in an effort to make it look like many other quarterbacks have gotten a shot to win a playoff game and couldn't succeed in the way Tebow did. I don't think Tebow would approve of the way the author misleads his readers. The author makes his list as long as possible to make the conspiracy to keep Tebow out of the NFL as vast as possible. There are quite a few quarterbacks who are injured reserve on this list as well. I'm going to skip the quarterbacks who have never even appeared in a playoff game, thereby not ever having the chance to show he can win one.

Matt Barkley

He's a rookie quarterback. Shouldn't be on the list. 

Tyler Bray 

Rookie quarterback.

Jimmy Clausen

He was released and zero teams claimed him, hence nobody wanted him, so he ended up back on the Panthers IR list. Clausen was unwanted, just like Tebow. 

Auston Davis

It's spelled "Austin Davis." 

Zac Dysert

Rookie quarterback. 

Mike Glennon

Rookie quarterback. 

EJ Manuel

Rookie quarterback.

Matt McGloin

Rookie quarterback.

Ryan Nassib

Rookie quarterback.

Certainly, there are some young guys on that list that clearly have a bright future and are more talented quarterbacks than Tebow (like Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, Robert Griffin, III),

Yes, there are only four quarterbacks in the NFL more talented than Tebow on that list of quarterbacks who haven't won a playoff game. I could list at least 30 quarterbacks on that list who are more talented than Tim Tebow at playing quarterback. 

but for every Newton and Luck, there are multiple Renfrees, Stanzis, and Tuels. Can these clubs really say they are better off with these names than they would be with Tebow?

Considering these quarterbacks are all backups or third-string quarterbacks, then yes, these teams can say they are better off with these names than they would be with Tebow. Tebow brings too much scrutiny and attention for a third-string quarterback.

Along with that list of those who have not had any playoff success, Tebow is also on par with some big names when it comes to playoff wins.

This is an interesting little fact that Tebow has one playoff win like some current NFL starters, but this doesn't mean Tebow is a better quarterback than these NFL starters. It just means Tebow won a playoff game. He has a whole entire other resume, including another playoff game he participated in, that tells us what kind of quarterback Tebow truly is.

The southpaw has as many postseason victories as Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, David Garrard, and everyone's darling Russell Wilson.

It's almost like more goes into being a great quarterback other than simply winning one playoff game. Also, Russell Wilson was a rookie last year and won a playoff game. It's not like he's been in the NFL for years and years.

The fact the author is basically arguing that Tim Tebow deserves an NFL job because he won one playoff game just like these other quarterbacks have won a single playoff game shows me he doesn't really have a firm grasp on quarterbacking in the NFL. It's a very basic and simplistic way of evaluating a quarterback's ability and quite possibly the best way to convince the casual NFL fan that Tebow that he is getting a raw deal from the NFL.

Yet, Tebow is jobless.

It's almost like winning one playoff game doesn't mean Tebow is a great quarterback. Also, I believe if Tebow was just a normal quarterback without a rabid following of fans that quote his volunteer and other good-guy activities without prompt from anyone at every opportunity then he would absolutely have an NFL job. The media attention (from the media the author seems to think doesn't like Tebow or wants to see him fail) is not worth the skills (or lack thereof) that Tebow brings to the team. Tebow is not good enough to justify the hype that will surround him.

While the Browns have just signed Hanie who has for his career thrown for only three touchdowns while being intercepted ten times and Tanney who has never attempted a pass in the NFL, Tebow is unsigned. This, despite 17 touchdowns and only nine picks, not to mention 989 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns.

And again, articles like this which suggest Tebow wears armor, as well as the inevitable adoring media coverage of his every exploit is exactly why Tebow isn't signed. If the rabid Tebow fans and the media would calm the hell down then maybe Tebow would get another shot. As it stands, no NFL team wants the distraction of their backup quarterback being the topic of every question asked by a reporter. That's the reality. It's the same reality that occurs at everyone's job where there is one co-worker who does his/her job fairly well, but no one likes working with him/her because the other bullshit he/she does or says isn't worth it. He/She is high maintenance basically.

Plus, a successful win-loss record in the regular season and a playoff win.

Boy, the author is really hanging his hat on this isn't he? Mark Sanchez has a successful win-loss record in the regular season and multiple playoff wins. It doesn't make him a better quarterback. 

So why not Tebow? Because he doesn't throw "right"?

Well yes, partly. He doesn't throw the ball "right" and he sucks up attention away from the football team because the media adores him and his every move. The article I am writing about right now is part of the reason "why not Tebow." He brings a "C-" quarterbacking skill with the media attention of a teen idol to whatever team dares to draft him, trade for him or sign him.

Or is it the big, bad C-word? Tebow's Christianity--or the buzz that surrounds it--may be be the major factor in the NFL shunning him. C is Tebow's scarlet letter. 

Okay, make him a martyr. That will convince everyone that Tebow should be a quarterback in the NFL. It's not that Tebow is a Christian because other NFL players are devout Christians and the NFL doesn't shun them. Christian Ponder is a devout Christian, as is everyone's darling Russell Wilson, Prince Amukamara, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Reggie White and Thomas Davis. The idea that Tim Tebow is being shunned for being a Christian is absolutely ridiculous to me. Making him a martyr is much more fun than acknowledging the rabid Tebow fans' impact on his not having a job in the NFL. It's easier to point the finger at others' actions than it is to look at your actions. 

Other Christian athletes are taking notice. Luke Murton has played five years of professional baseball. He finished up this year with the Sioux City Explorers after spending more than four seasons with the New York Yankees organization. Like Tebow, he is working hard every day to improve as a player. Also, like Tebow, Murton makes no apologies for his faith. 

Neither do other professional athletes and other professional athletes also publicize their faith. 

"I want my life to be a light to the world," Murton told Breitbart Sports. "I want people to look at me and see something different.  And not because I am special but because hopefully that will bring more people to Christ. Every Christian should be a missionary in the sense wherever you work that is your mission field. We need to be intentional about bringing others to Christ because we better than anyone know how much we need Christ. 

I'm sure the author thinks Luke Murton isn't in the majors yet because MLB is shunning him for daring to be a Christian. Such persecution should not stand. 

"The whole Tebow thing gets to me," Murton said. "Here you have a winner. He has always won but he doesn't throw "right" they say.

Some expert analysis here. 

Murton hasn't experienced any backlash on the level of Tebow, but he does stand out. Each and every at-bat Murton strides to the plate with Christian music blaring. Not your usual walk-up song for today's ball player. "Fans are used to songs that are "pumping up" the player walking to the plate, for instance, "the champ is here...the champ is here", said Murton.

Fans are used to Jadakiss, which of course is short for Jada Knights in Satan's Service. 

"I have heard people say that 'you are just trying to get hits." And that is the farthest thing from the truth. At the end of the day, I know I need a reminder of what really matters because I don't want to get caught up in something that eternally means nothing besides the lives we touch."

This is a good point, even though I have no idea what it is supposed to do with Tim Tebow and why he isn't playing quarterback in the NFL right now. 

Tebow continues to touch lives too. His foundation is currently working on helping typhoon victims in the Philippines and providing much needed funds and outreach for children with serious illnesses. Yet, Tebow can't touch a football in the NFL.

I see what you did there. Cleverness aside, possibly Tebow is better off touching lives outside of football since he seems to be able to make a difference through his foundation. The fact Tebow is a great person has zero to do with whether he should be an NFL quarterback or not. I can't emphasize this enough, though I have tried. 

Murton knows what Tebow knows. That's probably why Tebow can handle this blatant slight with such class and that patented Tebow smile.

I don't know if I would consider it a blatant slight any more than Tebow had a few chances to be a quarterback in the NFL and simply couldn't beat the guys ahead of him on the depth chart out for a roster spot. The fact Tebow has so much media and fan baggage certainly doesn't help his case to make an NFL roster though. He receives more attention than he is worth. 

So, until an NFL team wises up and issues some pads to #15, he'll be just fine wearing the armor of Jesus.

I's part of the problem. Not the Christianity aspect of Tebow, but the aspect where some of his fans write things like this. It's very off-putting and even a little fake. I call it fake because if the author has to tell us how great Tebow is doing without the NFL then that tells me Tebow isn't okay without being in the NFL. The author doth protest too much basically. If the author thinks Tebow doesn't give a shit about the NFL then why does he write columns saying Tebow is being shunned and why does Tebow admit he wants to play in the NFL again? Obviously Tebow is fine not playing in the NFL, but I'm not sure he's completely fine with it. I know Kevin Scholla isn't okay with it.

The Bible talks about the need to "focus on what is eternal and not seen." Tebow is doing his part. We wait and watch to find out if any team ever focuses and finally sees what they're missing out on.

The Patriots saw what they were missing out on with Tebow and released him. This was after the Jets kept Tebow on their roster for the entire 2012 season and still didn't choose to keep him around after the season despite Mark Sanchez's was struggles. I think Tebow's one playoff win may have been the peak of his career. NFL teams will give a chance to any player who can help them win games. It's a bottom-line business. The bottom line is Tim Tebow isn't good at being a quarterback to outweigh the circus that surrounds him and this helps to prevent him from getting another shot with an NFL team.


Anonymous said...

Tebow has never lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Tom Brady has.

Tebow > Brady


Bengoodfella said...

Sadly, that's the major case for why Tebow should have a starting QB gig in the NFL.