Monday, May 12, 2008

0 comments I Have a Very Important News Announcement!

I posted a whole freaking thing on Jay Mariotti and how badly he sucks and what a little bitch he is. Somehow I managed to save none of it and now I am too lazy to write something else. Let's do the cliffs notes version of what I wrote:

1. OJ Mayo took money, not a shocker, and I think it is very wrong the school gets punished and he is free to make a shit load of money in the pros. He committed the violations, not the school. They get sanctioned, he becomes a millionaire.

2. I have no idea "move the island" means and we doubt will find out until next year around this time.

3. Jay Mariotti is a bitch. I have studied his Wikipedia page and he picks fights with everyone and then backs down and refuses to confront them when they call him on it. Then he writes articles where he continues to take cheap shots. He is a bitch.

I'll do better tomorrow I promise guy(s).