Saturday, December 27, 2008

0 comments Update on the Yankees Starting Rotation

I just saw at the bottom of my television screen while watching college football on ESPN that the Yankees ARE NOT going to re-sign Andy Pettitte and will look to see if Phil Hughes can crack the starting rotation at the 5th starter. I wanted to get this important information out to you guys as soon as possible because I have been getting a lot of email about it. I am glad ESPN has dug up this vital information for all of us. I have been watching football all day and will post an update when ESPN updates us on what the Cardinals or the Mariners are going to do about their 5th starter.

Ok, enough sarcasm we all know that is not going to happen. There was a post on FireJay similar to this also, so go check that out, but seriously this shit has got to stop. ESPN really, really believes there are only two teams in Major League Baseball because they constantly update us all on what the Yankees and Red Sox are doing. ESPN feels the need to update every quote Hank Steinbrenner makes, every free agent the Yankees contact, and anything else that pertains to them. You are not the YES network, shut up, and just pretend you try to cover every team equally. God I wish there was another channel that carries the bowl game I am watching.