Friday, May 20, 2011

3 comments BotB Podcast #16

Does Kareem deserve a statue? Do you want to keep talking about steroids? Should NCAA athletes get paid? Will the world finally end? These questions and more are all answered in this week's episode of the BotB Podcast.

And don't worry. We correctly predicted Game 2 of the Mavs/Thunder series.


Martin F. said...

Kareem's a whiny jerk. Sure he deserves a statue, but not before Magic or Jerry West, and they just busted out West's like 2 months ago. Dude has felt slighted his entire life, and has acted like it every day. He's lucky to get the respect he does as he's so uninviting as a person.

Dylan said...


I like "whiny jerk." It captures his attitude quite well.

Bengoodfella said...

Martin, after we taped this I read a few opinions and I was surprised that Dylan and I were in the minority. I guess you are too. A lot of people feel Kareem deserves one now. I don't think I believe he should.