Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Its a lazy sunday here in RI so I figured I would put a post up while waiting for the sox-phils game at 130.

Now I am not a John Heyman fan at all. In fact, he writes some of the stupidest baseball articles around (espcially the HOF ones) but, I found this one not bad at all. Its just his rankings of the biggest surprises and disappointments so far in the 2009 season. So I'm going to dive in and make a few comments on his selections.

Apparently Raul Ibanez's stunningly excellent start seems too excellent to a blogging bloke or two

I am not joking, that is literally the first sentence he wrote and he already takes a shot at poor Jerod. For those of you who dont know, he is referencing this. I'm not going to get into it, its over, people need to move on.

1. Marco Scutaro, Blue Jays SS. This longtime utilityman is tied for second in the American League with 47 runs scored. Who'd a thought?

I assure you Marco Scutaro will not keep batting over .300 with an OBP over .400.

2. Aaron Hill, Blue Jays 2B. The other half of Toronto's DP combo has put together an All-Star quality start, hitting his way to 14 home runs, 43 RBIs and a .308

Hes got a .844 OPS, which is pretty good for a 2nd baseman. But again, will he keep it up over the long haul? My fearless prediction is, no, no he wont.

7. Edwin Jackson, Tigers SP. Getting a starter for backup outfielder Matt Joyce was a great pickup for Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski. Jackson's been strong -- he hit 99 on the gun in the ninth inning of a recent start -- though pitching in Comerica Park probably hasn't hurt.

Eh. I'm not crying for the rays. Especially after they stole Matt Garza from the Twins the previous year.

9. Ibanez, Phillies OF. This guy became a star in the American League by putting together big seasons while playing in the cavernous Safeco Field. Still, the numbers he's putting up in Philly are pretty stunning and he's turned into a superstar at age 37. But I'm not suspicious. As the accusatory blogger pointed out while trying to spark an intellectual discussion about whether Ibanez was cheating (he tired, but missed the mark because he speculated for 1,000 words without providing a shred of real evidence), Ibanez is playing in a much more friendly park for hitters.
Some may point out I've written I wouldn't vote for Sammy Sosa for the Hall of Fame despite a lack of hard evidence he took steroids, but this Ibanez controversy isn't about the Hall of Fame, and there is no reason to suspect Ibanez beyond his out-sized performance. Sosa had the corked bat, the lack of English at an opportune time and a ridiculous homer total smack in the steroid era

Look at how Heyman just admitted that he is being a hypocrite and then tries to defend it. This is why FJM used to have a field day with him.

You know in RE: steroids and who looked like they took them. Has anyone seen the Mitchell Report List? For every one superstar, you have 40 scrubs and career journeyman or minor leaguers who you would've never guessed took PED's. I mean, cmon, Paxton Crawford? Steroids does not turn you into a great player. You still have to possess some kind of skills in order to be successful. Okay, I'm done ranting.

11. Scott Feldman, Rangers SP. It's been quite a nice year for the Rangers, and Feldman's contributed to their success by going 5-1 with a 4.01 ERA as a starter in a hitters' park.

I wouldnt consider a 4 ERA good, but I guess I'll give it to him, since he plays in that launching pad in Texas.

12. Johnny Damon, Yankees OF. Despite nearly retiring in the spring of 2008, Damon's having one of his best years and talking about returning. His 13 home runs are shocking (though new Yankee Stadium may deserve some of the credit) and are also well-timed (he had money invested in the Stanford fiasco

I was really hoping he was going to make some kind of sly remark about Damon having "outside help".

17. Matt Cain, Giants SP. The heartbreak kid has figured out how to win. He's 8-1 with a 2.55 ERA.

Okay, what the fuck does that mean? "Figured out how to win"

Scene:(Giants locker room. Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain are chilling and discussing pitching)

"Whats the matter, Matt? You look down."
"Hey man, I'm just having some issues, you know."
"Well, maybe I can be of some assistance. I did, after all, win the Cy Young."
" I just........I just cant figure out how to win."
"Its not the shitty offense?"
"What about our sub par bullpen?"
"hmmm.....what if John Heyman writes a piece saying you finally figured out how to win?"
"you know what? I think that just might do it."
"Fuck yeah!"

21. Jason Marquis, Rockies SP. He's been one of the bigger winners in the NL in recent years, so his 8-4 record can't be considered such a surprise.

Does he really believe what hes writing? That the best thing you can say, that hes one of the bigger winners?

25. Jered Weaver, Angels SP. Adenhart's best friend in baseball has dedicated this season to his fallen buddy. It's been a pretty good tribute so far (6-2, 2.31).

I always found it interesting how the Weaver brothers have dominated in college and just cant seem to put it together in the bigs. No real point, just saying.

. David Ortiz, Red Sox DH. Boston people remain worried despite Ortiz's improved hitting of late. And judging by his recent dugout fits, Ortiz remains worried, too.

Ortiz has looked 100 times better at the plate recently, so hopefully this means he is coming around.

2. Chien-Ming Wang, Yankees SP. Wang's ERA is the highest in history after five starts. "It appears he's lost his sink," one scout said. Overall, Wang's 0-4 with a 14.34 ERA.

He definately lost his sink. That sinker he tried to throw to Mike Lowell the other day just kind of sat there, and lowell crushed it into the monster seats. He just doesnt look right to me.

8. Jeff Francoeur, Braves OF. The former budding superstar has hit just four home runs and managed a paltry .240 batting average.

If he could ever learn to take a walk, he might turn into a superstar. Here is an interesting take on a trade to the royals.

9. Scott Kazmir, Rays SP. The stud lefty tried to pitch through pain. As his 7.69 ERA proves, it didn't work

I wonder if the sudden fall of Kazmir makes Jim Duquette feel vindicated for making that shitty trade that everyone and their grandparents knew was shitty.

17. Vernon Wells, Jays OF. Another blah season for the man with the $126-million contract.

I'm still shocked the Jays gave that extension to Wells. I would've let him walk.

The Phillies, Mets and Cardinals are supposedly among the teams in on the Brad Penny trade talks.

Any phillies fans out there? Can you explain why your GM is so intrigued by fly ball pitchers pitching in Citizens Bank Park. Off the top of my head: Joe Blanton, Jamie Moyer, Cole Hamel ( I know hes good, but hes still a flyball pitcher), and now you want to bring in Penny? If I was the Phils, I would be loading up on sinkerballerss, but thats just me.

It sounds like Dustin Ackley, the No. 2 overall pick by Seattle and the best college hitter in the draft, will seek "Mark Teixeira money,'' which means $9.5 million. The Mariners had a very nice draft, according to observers

There is no way in hell Ackley is getting Teixeira money. If he does, I'm going to develop a knuckleball, enter the draft, and declare that I want Strasburg money.

Alex Rodriguez, who's batting .231, is telling friends he still feels like this is the end of spring training for him.

John conviently leaves out is he is OBP .396 and slugging over .500.

Alright, thats it for today. Enjoy your sundays, everyone.


Martin said...

Yeah, Heyman is a constant among sports writers in the "Baseball writers who suck" category. I hear him do radio interviews every once in awhile, and he's just as bad on those. He really does say crap like "The Angel's just have to remember how to win." No a-hole, they had to pitch in relief with some competence, and get about a third of their team off the DL at the time he said this.

I enjoy how he equates Sammy's corked bat with steroids.

Fred Trigger said...

I heard him on a radio interview where he was taking the host to task for not being willing to trade Clay Buchholz for Albert Pujols, then the host asked him if he would trade Tim Lincecum for Pujols and he said he wouldnt becuase Tim is "proven". Now I'm not comparing the two (although they both have similar frames and both have "I'm asking to hurt my arm" deliveries) but at least be consistent. I'm pretty sure the giants would kill to have a hitter like Pujols to kickstart that aenemic offense.

John Heyman just pisses me off in general. I didnt think I would get worked up over this article and then halfway through I realized how bad it was.

The angels would be better if they didnt do stupid things like signing Gary Matthews Jr. because of one catch, or Torii Hunter based on his reputation. The Guerrero signing was actually pretty good value even though hes going through a pretty rough decline now.

Martin said...

Yeah, the front office has trouble signing outfielders who are actually, like, ya know, good. I didn't mind the Hunter signing as much as the Matthews. Yes they overpaid for Torii, but dear sweet Baby Jesus, they were the only three teams bidding on Gary. The main problem they had in April and May was that 60% of the rotation was on the DL, and their set up man had tendonitis, while the closer is pretty mediocre. Brian Fuentes, in the AL? Really? ~shudder~

Um, I'm not sure if their is a starting pitcher I wouldn't trade for Pujols. Maybe Halladay. People saying things like "Lincecum is proven" drives me nuts. He's had a great year + so far. Fuck, at least make the guy play two full seasons before thinking about the "proven" label. I lean toward three years myself, but two full are the minimum.

AJ said...

Why does he leave out Verlander? Only the best pitcher in baseball this year after a horrible year last year...kinda strange to leave him out. He should be listed as number 1 on this list, yet isn't in the top 25...this shows you how stupid Heyman is.

Martin said...

Maybe Verlander isn't "gritty" enough. Too much natural talent. If you can throw the ball as hard as he does, it takes off "Heyman Style Points" or something I bet.

Bengoodfella said...

Verlander is having a great year but he I guess Heyman expected it? I don't really know because he should be in there. I think he forgot to put Failcoeur in there more than once. He deserves it.

I have gone from anger, to disappointment, to resentment, to unbridled anger, and now I just want him to get a hit for the love of God just so he gets a little confidence.

It's hard for me to trade Pujols for any pitcher. I don't trust pitchers over the long haul. I may do it but I would have to think about it.