Sunday, June 14, 2009

1 comments Scoop Jackson's Analogy School

Here's the link to the latest Scoop travesty. I won't break down the entire article, just wanted to draw your attention to this paragraph. First a little background, Scoop Jackson is sympathising with the obviously awful Anthony Johnson a not-so-conspicuous absentee from the NBA Finals thus far (due to th unexpected return of Nelson). Anyway, in his effort to prop up the mediocre Johnson, Scoop blesses us with this tidbit.

In a sports context, this is the equivalent of the Scottie Pippen scenario. Except this time, not only does Pippen have to give Jordan back his spot as leader of the team, but Phil Jackson has Toni Kukoc replace Pippen as the No. 2 option on offense, and has Pippen come off the bench behind Jud Buechler. Yeah, that's about where Anthony Johnson is right now.

Totes. Like, if you took LeBron James, wrapped him in plastic and fed him to a lion, but he escaped on a pogo stick and became a member of the Czech parliment for several years before following his dream of being a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, he'd basically be Reuben Patterson. Basically.


Bengoodfella said...

It is such an analogous situation. The first two are a HoF and an above average player who would have set off a bidding war if he came in the league now, while the other two are a borderline All-Star and a guy named Anthony Johnson who will end up playing for every team in the NBA before his career is over.

So very similar.