Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 comments Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Some of you may already know me, as I comment on here from time to time. Well, from now till whenever, I will be a contributor to the blog. So let me start my first post off by sharing a little about myself and what I will bring to the table.

1. I will mainly be focusing on baseball, because that is the sport I most closely follow and (as I told Ben) I can for the most part say things off the top of my head and not make too much of an ass of myself.

2. I am a fan of the New England sports teams. I'll try not to turn this into a Pro Boston blog, but I make no promises.

3. There are times when my grammar is absoulutely horrible, so please bear with me.

4. Not really sure on what kind of angle I'm going for. I dont think I'd be too good at the whole FJM thing, so I'm going to polaroid it and see what develops.

5. David Ortiz never used steroids. If you dont believe it then you all can go FAAACK yourselves.

6. I was kidding with #5. I assure you I am nothing like the tommy from quincy character from KSK.

- Alright, now that we got that buuullllshit out of the way, lets do a small little mini introductory type post to get things kicked off.

The word going on around these parts is speculation of David Ortiz using steroids. (This is your warning. This post is going to go in all sorts of directions so, once again, bear with me.) One of the main points I hear is he was never much of a power hitter with Minnesota, and then once he came to Boston, he just emerged into this beast of a hitter. I'm not so sure about these claims. Check it:

2000 415 10
2001 303 18
2002 412 20
2003 448 31
2004 582 41
2005 601 47
2006 558 54
2007 549 35
2008 416 23

What I gather from this is: Clearly he had the power in Minnesota when he got the AB's. Not to mention they would make him do dumbass things like hit a ground ball to the other side to advance the runner, instead of letting him do his thing. It also helped that he had a historically great hitter behind him in the lineup. Also, if you think about it (this year notwithstanding), he has followed a normal sluggers rise and fall from his prime years to his decline. Now I'm not that naive to believe he has always been clean. I think everyone is under suspicion now. My dream is that, with the help of Rick Reilly wielding his staff of self righteousness, we can expose all of those dirty juicers and end the "small balls era". Whose with me? Anyone? Hello......... Alright, feel free to sound off in the comments about how I'm nothing but a dirty homer who probably has a stupid accent (I dont). Its great to be aboard!


Anonymous said...

Is BGF turning into Ryan Seacrest right before our eyes? Trigger wins an FJM contest and has won a spot in one of the more exclusive corners of the interwebs out there. Nice. Next, BGF will tell us his fav teams are the Lakers, either the Pens or the Wings, the Phillies and the Steelers.

In all sincerity, however, I hope they burn the list and try and end the "small balls" and steroids discussions.

Bengoodfella said...

I am not turning into Ryan Seacrest, don't worry. None of those are my favorite teams and J.S. and I are excited to have Fred posting here.

No one should worry about any Pro-teams stance on this here blog, we hate everyone. I know everyone will treat Fred with the same amount of disrespect and disdain that all bloggers like us deserve.

Concerning Ortiz and steroids, I am not 100% he used either. I know AJ had some numbers up about Ortiz's HR per at bat and they looked suspicious but for some reason I have trouble buying it. Oh...and I would love to buy it. I am going to a Braves-Red Sox game in two weeks and would love nothing more than to be able to taunt an opposing player with a "You did steroids" chant, but I don't know if it will happen.

I want the steroids discussion over as well. Whatever it takes to have all the talk go away, that's what I am for. Whether it is give all the names on the original list to the public or whatever. Just. Go. Away. I miss baseball when I was young and naive.

Bengoodfella said...

Now that Fred is on, I am can ramp up my anti-Boston stances. All "I hate Boston" all the time!

Ok, not really...

AJ said...

Well you are leaving out some key points...he may have has a historical great hitter behind him in Boston...but you forgot to mention that hitter was suspended 50 games for PEDs. And that they were good friends. He hasn't had the "normal" decline of a slugger, he has completly fallen off the planet. And he has fallen off ever since they started testing better...hmmmm weird how that works out.

Guy hits 54 HR's, they start testing better, and he hits HALF that amount. All this in what should be the prime of his career in a ball park that favors left handed power hitters.

But it comes down to this, Boston people will never admit something like this, never admit a player cheated. Even this whole Manny thing, they still believe he didn't use anything while on the Sox. And no matter what no one will change anyones mind on if someone used or not, and same goes for the other side. I believe he did, you believe he didnt. Just like I believe Bonds did and other people dont.

I for one believe Maggs probably used something, and I don't have a hard time saying that even though he plays for my team. I mean this is another guy completly falling off in terms of power.